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Published on October 14th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

Doctor Who Missing Episodes Selling Well on iTunes

While the recovered Doctor Who episodes have only been available since Thursday, they’re going gangbusters on iTunes.

According to SeenIt, the newly released Troughton era stories are already best sellers on the Apple owned media store. While it is fantastic news, it’s not entirely surprising as iTunes is the only current release outlet for the recovered episodes. I can also confirm that, at the time of writing, the episodes are also sitting in the top ten of the US iTunes Seasons chart as well.

Regardless of whether or not iTunes was the right method for release, this can only be described as a success for both Apple and the BBC. Combined with the upcoming DVD sales, it should be quite a haul for the BBC. So, did you get your classic Who fix via iTunes this weekend or are you waiting on the DVDs?

Or maybe holding out for another digital store release?

Our recent poll (which has now ended) revealed that 51.77% of respondents were waiting for the DVD releases, while a further 40.28% would be downloading from iTunes and then buying the DVDs when they are released.

Finally, just 6.01% planned to purchase the episodes from iTunes, with 2% declaring no interest in watching the episodes. 566 votes were cast.


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10 Responses to Doctor Who Missing Episodes Selling Well on iTunes

  1. Grabbed them from iTunes and will grab the DVD releases as well when they’re available. While not everyone will agree that iTunes was the best method, it is one of the key sellers of content and the fact the releases are doing well bodes well for future releases of content. If they had been released and no one cared.. how would that look to BBC? Not well.

  2. I have pre-orderd the DVDs – and then watched on a friends iTunes… Couldn’t resist! I think its really important that we all support the release in some form or other, if possible, in order to send the BBC a messgae that we really do want the archives restored! I’ve no idea what TIEA’s financial model looks like, but I’m sure Phil Morris’ work is time consuming and expensive – so I’ve no problem with him benefiting from a share of the profits.

  3. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I weakened and bought a Enemy on iTunes for my iPad and it was brilliant! What a treat. Part of the reasoning was that I hadn’t even listened to the audio on that one and since there’s been no sign of even a preorder for DVD’s yet, I took the plunge but I can wait on Web and I ‘ll be ordering the DVD’s as soon as they’re available to the US.

  4. avatar Simon magellan says:

    Er…so 2% of visitors to a DW fan site declared no interest in watching classic and previously missing episodes?

    Does anyone know if the BBC plan to animate the missing Web ep? It seems to me to be the only reason they’d not release it earlier than Feb.

  5. avatar LD says:

    2% declared no interest in watching the episodes? I can’t help but wonder: Why are those people on your web site, let alone bothering to respond to the poll? I presume there must be a 2% segment of fandom whose interest begins with the new era and knows or cares nothing about what preceded it.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      I’m almost in that 2%. It’d not because I don’t like Hartnell or Troughton because I do, it’s not because I don’t like the stories, I read the books and I do, it’s not because I don’t like B&W because I do. It’s just that old B&W Doctor Who just doesn’t do it for me, I find it plodding and very theatrical. Now I know 70s TV could have the same criticism levelled at it but that’s the era I was brought up in so I’m fine with that. I can honestly say I’ve never really enjoyed a 60s Who story in the way I enjoyed Robots of Death for example (and I’ve deliberately not picked a Bob Holmes story here!). Now I know a shed load of facts about that era, I’ll happily watch documentaries, read interviews but I’ll probably never watch another 60s story again. However ivecwatched consistently since 1974, I went to Longleat in 1983, even got to meet the fifth Doctor, I’ve bored Mary Tamm (although she was far to polite to say so) with stories of being scared of a trip to the Rollright Stones because she was attacked by a rock there, I even know what Pat Gorman looks like, but does it all count for nothing, am I not a true fan because I don’t really care for 1963-69 very much?

      • avatar LD says:

        I cast no aspersions on whether you were or were not a “true fan.” I simply don’t understand why any Doctor Who fan would have no interest in seeing the recovered episodes. There are certainly classic series episodes I have no interest in seeing again, but they are all stories I have seen previously. Presumably, unless you saw their original transmission, you have never seen these two. I would expect fans to want to watch them at least once and, if they find they don’t like them, fair enough.

        To like an episode or not is entirely subjective and your taste in episodes is certainly up to you, though I must admit, your explanation baffles me. You DO like Hartnell and Troughton, you DO like B/W, you DO like the stories… The only sticking point seems to be the year they were made. Presumably, if the same stories were dated from the mid-1970′s, you’d watch them, but because they’re from the 60′s, you’re skeptical.

        I have no vested interest in whether you decide to watch them or not. I am merely puzzled by the 2%, and I remain so.

  6. avatar dr jon says:

    I am holding out at the moment,but i am tempted, i will be glad to see the DVD’s out so soon. So i can watch the extra’s on it to which I love.So if the 50th is not so good then i can watch soom good old fashoned who instead.

  7. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Since I was born well after these stories went missing, I just didn’t have the patience to wait til the DVD releases (also not knowing if the release dates are UK only or worldwide, as I live in the States), so I bought them from iTunes for now, but I will get the DVDs when I can.

  8. Thus far I’m waiting.

    As I wrote in I wasn’t given the option to pay ahead of time by the BBC, so I need to eithor wait or gain access via an unauthorized source.

    I will be watching once the DVDs come out….

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