Doctor Who at the Famous Griffith Pumpkin House

As seen on the Travel Channel and other TV programming, the Pumpkin House is a popular tourist attraction located just outside of Huntington, WV.

As part of the annual CK Autumnfest, the Pumpkin House (which sees about 30,000 visitors during the festival) features thousands of one-of-a-kind lighted pumpkin carvings. This year the Doctor was represented well with several different carvings of the old and new Doctor Who logos, the TARDIS, a Cyberman, and a Dalek. You never really know where a Whovian will pop up! For those who are in driving distance (or super eager to make the trip!), the Pumpkin House is open nightly until around 10pm EST, and through next weekend. You can get more information at their Facebook page.

If you happen to make a trip, let us know down below!

Meanwhile if you’re interested in trying your hand at such an artistic pumpkin creation for a Whovian Halloween, this Doctor Who pumpkin project provides additional inspiration!


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  1. avatar Ranger says:

    Um, not that impressed with the Dalek (if you can call it that!).

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