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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Decorate Your Webpage With These Eleventh Doctor GIFs

Matt Smith, that impossibly brilliant Eleventh Doctor, turns 31 today! And to celebrate, Zap2It’s Chris E. Hayner wants you to see Matt move…

By presenting 11 GIFs, he wants you to post your favourite Moving Matt image onto your website or compatible social, and show the world how cool he really is – as well as bow ties, fezzes and glasses!

The GIFs (which means Graphical Interchange Format ie. pictures that move - just like in Harry Potter, kids) are taken from numerous episodes from his 2010-13 era, including The Pandorica Opens, Vampires of Venice, The Girl Who Waited and The Power of Three. It also features the Doctor doing an impression of a pregnant Amy Pond.

For fans of Karen Gillan, there’s even one from last Christmas, with her, Matt and a Cyberman having a little dance. Surprisingly, none of the Drunk Giraffe, however…

So pick your favourite and plaster it on your profile. This is where MySpace excelled itself, y’know. The only way it excelled itself, actually.


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4 Responses to Decorate Your Webpage With These Eleventh Doctor GIFs

  1. avatar derekbd says:

    Um, you can post gifs on facebook but they don’t animate.

  2. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t support animated GIFs natively on its timeline though some apps provide a workaround of sorts. However, Tumblr is a much different story.

    • Um, do I feel dumb.

      Have amended the item slightly. Sorry Phil!

  3. Fail…. -_- but i will wish hima happy bday… ^_^

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