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Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Day of the Doctor Worldwide 3D Cinema Screenings

The Day of the Doctor will be screened in 3D in over 400 cinemas worldwide on 23rd November, the show’s 50th anniversary!

Countries airing the 75-minute special include the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Germany – all at the same time as the UK broadcast of the episode on BBC One. 216 cinemas across the United Kingdom and Ireland have already revealed that they plan to show The Day of the Doctor, with chains including VUE, BFI, Odeon, Cineworld and Picturehouse.

You can find a map of participating theatres near you here, though some are still expected to be announced.

Tickets go on sale this Friday 25th October at 9am, with the Odeon telling Kasterborous that they’ll be available via their website, app or FilmLine.

This comes as very welcome news: despite fans being reassured that the 50th anniversary special would be screened at cinemas nationwide, many enquiries were met with either silence or, as Manuel would say, a definite ‘we know nothing.’

Concerns were raised because screenings normally have to be pencilled in far in advance; the BFI, for example, had their 2014/15 programme in development back in April!

It looks unlikely that cinema chains like Empire and Omniplex will air the episode, which stars the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors (Matt Smith and David Tennant), Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman), Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave)… as well as the Daleks and at least one Zygon!

Roughly 30 cinemas in Germany will screen The Day of the Doctor, and up to 50 in Russia; those living Down Under will have a choice of 106 cinemas. Viewers in the US and Canada will find out about their local screenings later this week.

This is something really special, folks: a global celebration of the greatest show ever. We’re so lucky we’re here to experience this fantastic opportunity. I think we sometimes forget how lucky we are that Doctor Who is now the most widely-watched and most-successful UK show, loved by fans and casual viewers across the entire Earth.

It’s something the Doctor himself would be very proud of.

(Thanks to Mark Pledger, who initially raised his concerns about the cinema showings back in April.)


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12 Responses to Day of the Doctor Worldwide 3D Cinema Screenings

  1. avatar Lozzer says:

    But it’s on the telly for free… Sorry, as much as I love the show, unless there is a lot of extra content I have no interest in being surounded by popcorn munchers.

    • avatar Lozzer says:

      Yes vote me down for hating going to the cinema and being surounded by noisy munchers and screaming kids. My idea of hell – good luck.

  2. avatar Michael Ruger says:

    No US screenings. Maybe there will be some later.

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Don’t worry, Michael; US and Canada screenings will be added later this week. :)

  3. avatar says:

    Is it me, or does the site keep crashing?

  4. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    it’s crashing like crazy—I guess when you’ve got people from 75 countries angling for info…..but I’m going to watch it on TV anyway. although I wouldn’t necessarily rule out going to see it at the theater after I watch the TV show, if they’re playing showings all day but who knows if it’ll be anywhere around me as I see no spots anywhere near Illinois.

    A real shame because back in 1983, Chicago was the mecca for Doctor who with the giant convention, tens of thousands of fans and the four surviving doctors all together on stage for a heck of a weekend. It was magical.

  5. avatar Rebecca Crockett says:

    The map linked above doesn’t yet have anything but via Moviefone, I’ve found some listings for a few screens local to me. Except all are showing it on the 25th – that’s the only day they have it listed. None of the screens are all that close to me either. But I’m hoping there will be a few more screens added. If there are, I’ll probably shell out the cash to see it in 3D even though I WILL be home to see it with the rest of the world.

  6. avatar Ian says:

    I plan on going to the Cinema to see this. I wonder how much Odeon will charge? Anyone think the tickets will sell out on the first day?

  7. avatar Endy says:

    I am becoming a little frustrated by the lack of further info on the BBC’s big Expo event. They say plans for the evening are still to be announced which makes booking a cinema a problem even if it is possible. Anyone know when we get more info. Surly the organiser have thought ahead enough to provide some way for those going on the Saturday and Sunday to see the special if nothing else has been organised

  8. avatar Ian says:

    I would of thought they would show it on a big screen at the event.

  9. avatar Adrian smith says:

    Bit puzzled if tickets go on sale in under 24 hours how you get them?!

    • avatar Ian says:

      I would think you either collect them from the Cinema or print them off.

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