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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Day of the Doctor Time Revealed?

It seems that BBC America has accidentally revealed the broadcast time of The Day of the Doctor.

When updating their November schedule, the 50th anniversary special is slotted into a 2:45pm Eastern Time slot, and, following the news that the extra-long episode will be simulcast throughout the world, this means that the UK will probably see The Day of the Doctor at 7:45pm!

It’s a pretty good time for the good Doctor – viewing figures are normally higher when Doctor Who is shown after 7pm. Might it last too long for the youngsters who have early bedtimes? I’m genuinely not sure: I haven’t had an early bedtime imposed on me for at least two months.

The US Premiere of An Adventure in Space and Time, Mark Gatiss’ docu-drama about the series’ origins, is rumoured to be on Friday 22nd November at 9pm – the UK are expected to see this before then, however – preceded by Explaining Doctor Who (to be shown on Watch this Saturday in the UK). Tales from the TARDIS will be shown in the US at 9pm on 18th November, whilst a 15-minute Day of the Doctor Pre-Show programme is scheduled for 7pm on Sunday 23rd November, just before a repeat of the show.

All of these are, however, placeholders; the BBC hasn’t informed BBC America of the exact timings as yet, and so this schedule could change even ten days before airing.

7:45pm seems a logical, primetime slot, though – and if I were a BBC Scheduler, I’d probably have The Day of the Doctor follow Strictly Come Dancing. And just imagine if they premiered Sherlock afterwards too – ! Pure conjecture, of course, but Strictly, Doctor Who and Sherlock would, surely, be an unbeatable line-up!

(Thanks to Doctor Who News.)


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4 Responses to Day of the Doctor Time Revealed?

  1. avatar Al says:

    This is 2013. Are there seriously any kids old enough to actually watch Doctor Who for whom 9 pm (the presumed end time for the BBC One airing if the info is correct) is too late? I hear this occasionally when people talk about why DW should never air after 7 pm. Even though the ratings are always better when it does. Now a 9 pm airing, OK, in the UK people are conditioned to think the only shows that air after 9 are full of sex and violence it seems. But 7:45 is an excellent time for the special to air.

  2. avatar Rebecca Crockett says:

    Previously various things had said the US East Coast time would be 3pm, not 245p so that knowledge is good for anyone that is rushing home to see it or setting a DVR. I think the bigger news for us is that there are times listed or assumed to be for showings of Tales From the TARDIS and An Adventure In Space And Time. Neither had ever been mentioned as to when they’d be airing, if at all, here in the US.

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    Al is right, just because we have a watershed doesn’t mean that everything on or after it is obliged to have its fill of swearing and violence. My oldest boy is 5, which I think is a reasonable age to start to properly watch Doctor Who. He can make sense if the stories and hides his face if something’s too scary (eg the skaresen, not the actual Zygons, fine with them but the skaresen of all things!). The real point I’m making is that on a Saturday I’d have no problem with him staying up until 9pm as a one off to watch Doctor Who. I just hope I’m allowed to stay up….

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Its not the first time BBC America has jumped the gun on Doctor Who scheduling ahead of any official announcement by the BBC. But anywhere between 2-3 PM isn’t unexpected, as The Next Doctor casting special aired here in the Eastern US at 2:30 PM.

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