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Published on October 22nd, 2013 | by Philip Bates

The Day of The Doctor Behind-the-Scenes Photos [SPOILERS]

Beware! There be minor spoilers ahead!

Honestly, don’t worry too much. A latest batch of photos has surfaced online and features what some people may call spoilers – but really, there’s very little that hasn’t already been at least strongly hinted at. So those who don’t want to know anything about The Day of the Doctor, look away now.

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[spoiler ]

The majority of the photos star (presumably) the main enemy of the 50th anniversary special, the Daleks, in various states of disarray. One partly-exploded Dalek – frozen in time? – looks awesome, as does the army of three Daleks against a backdrop emblazoned with Gallifreyan symbols.

Day of the Doctor 2

There’s also a creepy Zygon, seemingly reading the daily newspaper.

Impressively, not many spoilers have crept out about the 75-minute episode, which will screen next month. But one thing Matt Smith has let slip out is:

“Paintings. That’s all I’m saying.”

One of the photos certainly seems to back this up: a picture of Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, surely accompanied with the text from another photo:

“Placed into the care of my Government and future Governments to come, Until such a time as the Under Gallery is endangered, when it shall be presented to The Doctor.”

The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors are confirmed as appearing in The Day of the Doctor, but it’s rumoured that Doctor Five and Eight (Peter Davison and Paul McGann, respectively) will also make cameos. Davison has even stated that he’s got a copy of the script with his name embossed on it… and, typically, only cast appearing in the episode get that!

Day of the Doctor 1

Anyone else getting really excited now?

(You can see all the photos here.)



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8 Responses to The Day of The Doctor Behind-the-Scenes Photos [SPOILERS]

  1. avatar vortexter says:


    The exploded Dalek looks like its the one on the image of the poster with John Hurt on for the special. Under Henge/ Under Gallery? Moffatt recycling ideas again?

    • avatar John Arugal says:

      Strange how people bash Moff for recycling ideas yet RTD recycled his entire 4 year run constantly and no one complained about the man. At least Moff is consistent about his recycling and theres reasons for it vs a flamboyant nonsense drama queen “reasoning”

      • No one complained? You clearly weren’t reading Kasterborous 2005-2009….

      • avatar Josef says:

        I’ve been watching Doctor Who since Christopher E, and my humble observation is that Russel TD knew how to write an epic series finale. His formula was repetitive, sure, but it was a formula that worked. It helped build excitement up, because you could expect a great two parter in the middle & at the end.
        I’ve been bitterly disappointed with Moffat’s finales. He has his moments, usually at the start of the series, but yeah, I for one haven’t liked any of his finales. I think we expected to much from his after his highly positive contribution to the RTD era. Having said that the ones he does well tend to be excellent.
        Maybe I just favour RTD because he wrote my childhood stories :)

        • avatar Philip Bates says:

          I loved Parting of the Ways; thought Doomsday was great; disliked Last of the Time Lords; hated much of Journey’s End (apart from Donna’s beautifully sad exit); and hated The End of Time (though the regeneration was great). Yet I’ve loved all of Moffat’s finales. Guess it shows how opinions can differ so much on a show so loved. :)

  2. avatar Ranger says:

    The document to be presented to the Doctor and the 10th Doctor photo = Elizabeth I – is this where we see him get married to her? (sorry for appalling grammar, but too lazy to correct it this morning!)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Remember that bit at the end of The Shakespeare Code? I reckon this reveals why Elizabeth didn’t like the Doctor!

  3. avatar McCoy says:

    Ha, that Tennant painting is a touch ropey!

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