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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Blue Peter Sonic Clue to Doctor Who Series 8?

Blue Peter’s latest competition will give viewers the chance to see their design realised on screen in next year’s series of Doctor Who.

Two live Blue Peter specials timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations will see the launch of a contest to ‘design new sonic devices for Sontaran Commander Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint.’

Viewers aged between six and 15 will be able to enter (I know, I fancied having a go at that myself…) and lucky winners will see their design become a prop on set in production of Series 8.

Blue Peter has a long-standing association with Doctor Who with earlier competitions seeing the Abzorbaloff from Love and Monsters and the Junkyard TARDIS from The Doctor’s Wife winning out. Going further back, designs for The Hypnotron, Aquamen, and Steel Octopus in the Troughton era sadly never made it into the series.

The Blue Peter specials will air on Thursday 21 November and Saturday 23 November on CBBC.

Come on then: what would you like to see in a sonic for Strax, Madame Vastra or Jenny?



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13 Responses to Blue Peter Sonic Clue to Doctor Who Series 8?

  1. avatar Chris says:

    Not sure Strax is really a commander, was he? Anyway, he is the only one of those I really want to see back. Does Jenny Flint have a character or is she just a name? The Silurians have also gone from a very interesting ancient race, to a sassy green lesbian. Ugh.

  2. avatar Josh Clarke says:

    I assume that the ‘clue’ given here is that there seems to be a probability of the Paternoster Gang returning? If I was choosing sonic devices for them, I’d give Vastra a sonic cane or umbrella and Strax some sort of sonic lance, whereas Jenny would turn down the offer of a sonic device.

  3. avatar Sarah denton says:

    Strax needs something big and overkill like a sonic bazooka

  4. avatar GallifreyanFallenAngel says:

    Sounds like fun. Since the contest for the TARDIS console went better than the design a monster contest, I have hopes this one will be fine.

  5. avatar Al says:

    I can’t believe there are people who don’t like VJS! Anyway, sonic umbrellas for the ladies, a sonic cane for Strax.

  6. avatar Jack S says:

    oh come on, it’s quite obvious. Strax would have a sonic grenade. A really, really BIG one.

  7. avatar Ian says:

    Maybe a spin off series? :)

  8. avatar Paul says:

    Am I the only one thinking that Jenny and Vastra could share a double ended Sonic toy…..?


  9. avatar dr jon says:

    You would have three of them in a line ready to open a steel door first off jenny would produce a sonic lipstick like Sarah Jane then Vastra would have a sonic cane then Strax would pull out a large sonic cannon an blow the bloody doors off.

  10. avatar TimeChaser says:

    For Vastra, maybe a sonic Derringer? She seemed to have a technologically modified one in The Name of the Doctor anyway. For Strax, maybe a bazooka. For Jenny, a sonic lock pick.

  11. avatar George says:

    Strax needs a sonic GRENADE

  12. avatar BOJAY says:

    Vastra and Jenny might be finding different uses for the Sonic Screwdriver, just as the satirical Joanna Lumley Doctor enthused about in “The Curse Of The Fatal Death”! “It has three speeds!”

  13. avatar Peter Webb says:

    Thanks puberty – no chance to enter now. Suppose I submit an idea under a pseudonym and fake age?

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