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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

BBC One +1 and Other Upcoming Innovations

BBC Director General Tony Hall has announced a string of innovations in the works for the corporation including a ‘plus one’ for the flagship channel BBC 1.

In a recent speech, Lord Hall also announced a revamped iPlayer that would be more personalised and offer a 30 day catch up period as well as offering some programmes before they aired on TV.

BBC One needs to be on top form. It has to be the nation’s favourite channel, and also its bravest.

In addition, a BBC Store will be launched, offering people in the UK the chance to buy BBC shows to watch and keep.  He also announced a new product – BBC Playlister – which will allow audiences to tag any piece of music they hear on the BBC and listen to it later, via streaming services like Spotify, YouTube and Deezer.

Of these new innovations the new iPlayer seems far more interesting than a catch up channel, depending on what form this ‘personalisation’ takes. Could we see custom ‘skins’? Or ‘themes’ for individual players, or are we looking more at personalised content?

As for the BBC Store, it seems to have come under fire before it has even had a chance, due to some stories this week regarding missing episodes to appear on iTunes ‘and similar sites’. Looking beyond this, a dedicated BBC digital store that would not just be for digital rental but to buy BBC shows to watch and keep can only be a bonus, as long as items are realistically priced (lower prices than DVD releases are a must unless they also include the same bonus features as physical releases do).

Do you think we need a +1 channel? Will you be using Playlister to grab Murray Gold’s scores? How much would you pay to download missing episodes?

Leave us a comment below and fill us in on your views.


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4 Responses to BBC One +1 and Other Upcoming Innovations

  1. About time I have been wanting this to happen for years

  2. avatar koloth says:

    BBC1+1 Absolutely. Not sure about music tagging.
    Why cant they just show missing episodes on BBC3 or 4?

    • avatar krumstets says:

      We’ll precisely . Why don’t they broadcast the missing episodes? Or will they only be available to those that cough up for the DVDs.?

  3. avatar lozzer says:

    I’ll be very disappointed if the BBC make us pay to watch these episode on itunes. They will in-effect be making us pay twice, as they know we will also want to add the eventual DVD releases to our collections. They should be screened for ‘free’ on a BBC channel or the iplayer, maybe in a week or two when the initial clamour to get them has died down. Come on BBC, we already pay you £145 per year – for what? So you can make Strictly Come Dancing?

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