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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

York’s Doctor Who Bonfire Night Celebration!

Remember, remember the 3rd of November.

That’s when Rawcliffe County Park, York, will celebrate both Doctor Who and Bonfire Night in style, incorporating fireworks with 3D effects and celebrity lookalikes. The Kaboom spectacular will mix pretty lights in the sky with lasers and special lighting while the audience equip themselves with 3D glasses, creating a truly unique effect.


David Tennant lookalike, Nigel Sumner, will be doing his best impression of Kasterborous Associate Editor, Brian A. Terranova the Tenth Doctor, and Gary Goldthorpe takes on the mantle of Guy Fawkes.

There’ll also be a bonfire, so maybe Gary should be ready to run.

In addition to the Doc, a Cyberman and Dalek will be patrolling the area, and a TARDIS will stand proudly as well (though it’s unconfirmed whether it actually travels through time and space or not).

On 5th November, York Maze will have a firework display too, held at their incredible Dalek-shaped maze that celebrates the show’s 50th anniversary.

Rockin’ Horse Promotions’ Mark Brayshaw says:

“Our 3D fireworks glasses use Holographic Diffraction Lenses – Highly efficient, 13,500 lines per inch., double axis, holographic diffraction grating lenses. Holographic diffraction grating lenses separate light from any source into its spectral components.


Yes, our fireworks will be moving towards you in 3D and the glasses will then change them into a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours.”

Sounds quite mind-blowing actually!

Now, remind me again: why do we celebrate a terrorist group trying to blow up parliament…?

To find out more – including how to get tickets – head over to the York Press!


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3 Responses to York’s Doctor Who Bonfire Night Celebration!

  1. avatar Watchmaker says:

    Bonfire Night does not ‘celebrate’ anything. It COMMEMORATES the 1605 deliverance of Britain’s Protestant monarch and parliament from Catholic terrorism in less religiously harmonious times. The annual festivities that have grown up around it each November 5th were the result of a national edict that ordered that the day be remembered so that similar attempted acts of mass-murder might be discouraged and that a stern message be given to the then Catholic minority each year. Bonfire Night was not a spontaneous event, nor a celebration – it was a warning-off.
    Come to think of it, isn’t it time the Doctor met Guy Fawkes? Now there’s a promising storyline…

    • Come to think of it, isn’t it time the Doctor met Guy Fawkes? Now there’s a promising storyline… – Steven Moffat decreed that these games should be counted as episodes, so…

  2. avatar Watchmaker says:

    I was forgetting that one! But somehow it’s not quite the same, as I’m sure many would agree…

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