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Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by James Lomond

Who Misses Out on Hugo Awards

Even though we’d like to, you can’t win them all. And we’ve had a pretty good run of wins at the Hugo Awards over the past three years. This time it wasn’t to be and three episodes from Series 7 lost out to the Game of Thrones episode, Blackwater:

Of course as an American production so it’s got a MA-HOO-SIVE budget alongside the edgy confidence that comes with a post-watershed show. It’s dark, gritty and has a healthy dose of violence, gore and ‘whoring’. Whereas Who has a public service budget, fantastical whimsy and Matt Smith’s alien Jagger-swagger. In fact, they’re two such different beasts they barely seem comparable.

So maybe it’s a shame that we lost. But you couldn’t lose out to more highly regarded, complex and thrill-instilling series. And if it were so easy to win a Hugo that we got them FOUR years in a row, it would hardly seem worth it. So, well done, Game of Thrones – enjoy the glory. Just watch your back because Who is just hitting its stride!

You can watch the full Hugo Awards ceremony below.

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16 Responses to Who Misses Out on Hugo Awards

  1. avatar Trilbee says:

    To be fair, that’s what happens when the nominated stories are the three weakest episodes of Series 7 (Asylum of the Daleks, Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen).

    The moral of the story is; write better television.

    • avatar Al says:

      Disagree 100%. They were fantastic episodes all 3. The reason it lost was likely due to vote-splitting, plus the fact Moffat is almost always nominated and I can just see them saying “let’s give it to someone else this year”.

      • avatar Philip Bates says:

        Series 7 has got itself a bad name, and I honestly can’t think why. The quality of storytelling was brilliant!

        • avatar Mark Lenton says:

          Nah, stories that actually have a beginning, middle and end and make a narrative sense were thin on the ground – and the emotional impact that can distract from that was just not there as it was in the RTD years. The Ponds leaving was a nonsensical mess (that’s Moffs off-screen explanation of talks down to his audience on – and goes right against his ‘audiences are clever’ series 6 mantra) and many of the climaxes are just empty… how did Clara stop the Great Intelligence? Another series of noise and spectacle – when will the Moff return to his meticulous writing of the first four series? He’s phoning it in…

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Except for The Snowmen, which I rather like, I agree with you. I find it difficult to watch series 7a. Series 7b however I really enjoyed.

    • avatar Jan says:

      I loved the first 2 but hated the snowmen (my least fav nu who ep). Other than that epsode I think Moff has made 4 fab scripts for series seven.

  2. avatar Neu 75 says:

    Not really a surprise was it considering the consternation even among fans surrounding series 7?

  3. avatar Paul Blume says:

    Bottom line: Doctor Who needs more gratuitous nudity. I take that back.

    • avatar Neu 75 says:

      Game of Hard ons…

  4. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    I’m surprised really as “Angels” was quite cleverly written and constructed – it obviously owed a debt to “Singing Detective” but that’s no bad thing.

  5. avatar authorman94 says:

    I have to say, Series 7 was purely average in my opinion (I must admit I did prefer the second half to the first). Some good stories (Hide, Crimson Horror, The Name of the Doctor), some average (The Rings of Akhaten), some not-so-great (Bells of Saint John, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS), same as usual.

    The problem for me with it, and anyone is welcome to disagree with me on this, but it suffers from the same problems that Season 20 of the classic show did: trying to make every episode special and looking to the past without writing great stories (the only bad story for me that season was “Terminus”, which is probably Davison’s absolute worst; other than that, “Enlightenment” and “Arc of Infinity” came close to being great episodes, but execution in both let them down in my opinion). The only thing that really gave Series 7 an advantage over Season 20 in my opinion was having a finale and a strong one at that, whereas Davison’s second series wasn’t so lucky (although I do enjoy The Five Doctors, I must admit), so it’s clear some lessons were not learnt from Season 20 nearly thirty years ago. But other than that, I did think Series 7 was entertaining and gave Matt some great acting work (his speech in the Rings of Akhaten being my personal favourite) before he leaves the show in December.

    • avatar Ian Gettings says:

      I remember getting the Black Guardian box set and being amazed at how good this trilogy was. When I started Terminus i was expecting something like Twin Dilemma… and suddenly was exposed to a well scripted, gritty, dark story that kept me spellbound. When I finished it I genuinely thought for a moment that some glitch must have happened and I had seen a different version to everyone else. Then i saw Enlightenment and was taken by the imagination and commitment of cast and crew. Much underrated in my opinion. However, I did think series 7 was terrible in parts. i would in a heartbeat rather watch the Guardian trilogy than many of the newer ones from this last season.

  6. avatar Colin says:

    My personal opinion, for what it’s worth (which is not much since you know me as well as Rassilon’s house cat), is that Season 7 was one of the best Matt Smith seasons so far. And I agree that 7b was better than 7a. This is due, I think, to the fact that 7b was written by some of the best writers Moff has at his disposal at the moment (which, no surprise, included all three Sherlock writers).

    Sorry for the Hugo loss, but at least we’re still getting nominated. :)

  7. avatar dailypop says:

    Series 7 in general was terrible, a further step down from the awful series 6. Cold War was probably the best of the lot, but even that was definitely not Hugo-worthy.

  8. Obviously, the way to compete is to have The Doctor start chopping heads off, and have Clara walk around naked more!
    Seriously, there should be more subcategorization so that “apples and oranges ” are not compared by being lumped together as fruit!

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      “…have Clara walk around naked more”.

      Are you saying she already does?! ‘Scuse me, I just have to rewatch Series 7 closely… ;P

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