Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars

Published on September 23rd, 2013 | by Alex Skerratt


Watch Classic Who on… Watch!

Classic Doctor Who has finally made its way to Watch!

Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright in Doctor Who: The AztecsAs from October, viewers in the UK will be able to enjoy some ‘omnibus’ editions of the Time Lord’s greatest adventures. Kicking off at 2.30pm, the schedule is (so far) confirmed as:

Saturday 12th – The Aztecs (First Doctor)
Sunday 13th – Tomb of the Cybermen (Second Doctor)
Saturday 19th – Spearhead from Space (Third Doctor)
Sunday 20th – Pyramids of Mars (Fourth Doctor)
Saturday 26th – Earthshock (Fifth Doctor)
Sunday 27th – Vengeance on Varos (Sixth Doctor)

There are currently no listings available for Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd November, but presumably these will feature a Seventh Doctor adventure, and the TV Movie for Doctor Eight.

Watch, (which can be found on Sky 109 and Virgin 124), is part of the UKTV Network of channels. In fact, BBC Worldwide has a 50% stake in the venture, so it makes sense that they’re interested in running a few repeats (plus it’s rather cool!).

Be sure to tune in from Saturday 12th.


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  1. avatar Quinton Kyle Hoover says:

    These are all the same the Doctors Revisited specals…

    So you can likey guess the rest.

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