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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Alex Skerratt

The Ninth Doctor on UKTV

Here’s some “fantastic!” news for Ninth Doctor fans – Christopher Eccleston’s episodes are about to get a re-run! UKTV Australia and UKTV New Zealand will be airing two classic episodes from 2005 every Sunday throughout September, as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

9th Doctor and Rose

For Who fans Down Under, here’s the complete schedule:

1 September: Rose - AU: 4:30pm; NZ: 4:50pm (NZ repeat 2 Sep, 4:30am), followed by The End of the World – AU: 5:30pm; NZ: 5:40pm

8 September: Aliens of London - AU: 4:30pm; NZ: 3:00pm, followed by World War Three – AU: 5:30pm; NZ: 4:00pm (NZ repeat 9 Sep, 4:35am)

15 September: Dalek – AU: 4:30pm; NZ: 4:45pm, followed by The Long Game – AU: 5:30pm; NZ: 5:40pm (NZ repeat 16 Sep, 4:30am)

22 September: The Empty Child – AU: 4:30pm; NZ: 4:50pm, followed by The Doctor Dances – AU: 5:30pm; NZ: 5:40pm (NZ repeat 23 Sep, 4:35am)

29 September: Bad Wolf – AU: 4:30pm; NZ: 3:50pm, followed by The Parting of the Ways – AU: 5:30pm; NZ: 4:45pm (NZ repeat 30 Sep, 4:45am)

Due to a crack in the skin of the Universe, three episodes have been omitted from the line-up. These are The Unquiet Dead, Father’s Day and Boom Town. (We blame an exploding TARDIS.)


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  1. avatar Bob James says:

    It really seems to be the US market that is Christopher Eccleston deprived. When Series 1 went out in the UK, the outlet of BBC America wasn’t fully up and running, and as a result, many newer US viewers came aboard with David Tennant. I’ve met quite a few folks stateside who have begun to watch Doctor Who who don’t know who the Ninth Doctor is. With only one series under his belt, it was easy for Eccleston to slip between the cracks. As a result, a lot of potentially enthusiastic viewers are unaware of what they’re missing.

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