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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

Support #AnimateCrusade for an Animated Restoration!

A Facebook page has been created to rally support for animating the two missing episodes from the First Doctor serial, The Crusade.


We’ve written often about the controversy surrounding the alleged finding of long lost Doctor Who episodes, so it will no doubt always be of interest any time an effort to restore what has been lost comes about.

The second season serial found the First Doctor and his companions in Palestine during the Third Crusade. The Facebook page, at the time of writing, has 358 likes and the page creator is trying to get enough likes to obtain attention from the BBC.

Along with animated versions of The Reign of Terror and The Invasion, an animated version of the final episode in Hartnell’s last outing as the Doctor was commissioned for the DVD release of The Tenth Planet. The group’s goal is to get similar treatment for The Crusade.

If you want to help champion the cause, you can join them on Facebook and on Twitter @AnimateCrusade.


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7 Responses to Support #AnimateCrusade for an Animated Restoration!

  1. avatar vortexter says:

    As much as I support this group of fans I cant help but think that its not a case of ‘If’ it will be animated but ‘when’. Its an excellent tale and would translate well in animation.

    • avatar Leda says:

      The point is that The Crusade is currently being left out undeservedly when it fully qualifies for animated episodes. The BBC have allowed a budget that permits the animation of up to two missing episodes per serial. So far this has given us The Invasion, The Reign of Terror, The Ice Warriors, The Tenth Planet and The Moonbase. But even though The Crusade also fulfils the criteria that allowed for these other serials to be partly animated (in that it has only two missing episodes), we’re informed that it won’t be dealt with. That is why it has attracted special attention.

  2. avatar Ty3mmm says:

    Why stop at “The Crusade”? There are so many other great missing episodes that deserve a visual treatment. Can we see all of them at some point? Especially “Marco Polo”, “The Dalek Masterplan”, “The Myth Makers”, “The Evil/Power of the Daleks”, “The Highlanders”, and so many others. Those stories that are missing all of the episodes would translate well as a full animated story. Sometimes the animation/live action mix of episodes can be distracting. How about animating the existing live episodes as well and include the choice of watching a story with live or all animated? Oh! How I could go on……

  3. avatar vortexter says:

    I like to think that eventually all B&W Dr Who will be represented on DVD with animation in one form or another. Looks like the rumours about missing episode finds are taking some interesting turns!…

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      I’d hope so. I’d still rather that the rumors turned up enough of the missing episodes to do a few completed live releases. The animations are great, but it’s not the same.

  4. avatar vortexter says:

    They call it ‘The omnirumour now’. Its so big it has gravity and a title. Someone associated with recoveries in the past came on the Missing episodes website and confirmed that material has been found and is being prepared fora DVD release and then his posts were deleted. Swallowed by a crack in time. I would love to see anything come back even if its a lone episode but I cant believe there’s nothing behind the whole thing.

  5. avatar Paul Clark says:

    Yeah lets animate the lot and take the show from the live action it used to be into a complete farce

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