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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Matt Takes the Slow Path to Hollywood Stardom?

The departing Doctor number Eleven, on the red carpet at the GQ Man of the Year Awards, revealed a refreshingly laid back approach to making it big in his budding movie career.

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© Getty Images

Speaking to Metro, free newspaper of choice for rail travellers too tight to shell out for one, Matt said:

“I try not to take on any pressure. Take each job as it comes and if it takes me twenty years or thirty years or fifty years, hopefully I will get there in the end.”

This doesn’t quite chime with Metro’s chosen headline of ‘I will crack Hollywood after Doctor Who – even if it takes 50 years’ which suggests a rather more single minded approach, but it shows him to be more grounded than a lot of young stars.

Matt was presenting Noel Gallagher with an ‘icon’ award and was accompanied by his very nicely turned out sister, Laura Jayne. Of his forthcoming departure from the series, Matt said:

“I’ve had a wonderful ride and I enjoyed making the show and I leave it very happily.”

Enough said; what a top bloke.

Photos of Matt and The Doctor’s Sister at the event, courtesy of The Daily Mail.


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Jonathan remembers catching Tony Hughes's Doctor in BBC Schools Maths show when he was off school in 1975. This more than made up for having chickenpox. Something of an old hand by this time, he had learned from The Doctor Who Monster Book that there were other Doctors and adventures to discover - an exciting prospect for a five year old.

3 Responses to Matt Takes the Slow Path to Hollywood Stardom?

  1. Christopher Martin says:

    I shall miss him, though I think his timing is impeccable as he’s going while we still want more of him. However, very much looking forward to what Peter Capaldi will bring to the show.

  2. Ranger says:

    Is it just me, or does Laura look like she’s being attacked by a cybermat?

    • Bob James says:

      You mean like , what’s that on her shoulder? Matt saying, “Um, Laura, my hand is around your waist. Don’t look now, but that’s a Cybermat on your shoulder.”

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