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Published on September 2nd, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Kit Out Your Virtual Doctor Who World!

Ever fancied living in your own Doctor Who world, having weird adventures and mixing with alien life forms? (Sounds a bit like Kasterborous…) Well now you can with new features on the Doctor Who experience on PlayStation Home!

This is a ‘virtual environment’ game which allows you to create your own character in the Who-niverse – think World of Warcraft but with a timey-wimey twist. A second wave of Doctor Who related goods including Daleks and Cybermen has just been released and YouTube bloggers Chris Foxx and J.P. Fox have given their verdict in a newly released clip…

It’s impressive stuff, with a very authentic looking TARDIS console room and ‘make your own movies’ feature. My favourite was the extremely portly Emperor Dalek, who clearly needs to visit the Skaro heath club. I was less sure about the dancing Silence…

What do you think? Doctor Who games have generally had poor reviews over the years, but it looks like this one takes things to a whole new level…



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Jonathan remembers catching Tony Hughes's Doctor in BBC Schools Mathsshow when he was off school in 1975. This more than made up for having chickenpox. Something of an old hand by this time, he had learned from The Doctor Who Monster Book that there were other Doctors and adventures to discover - an exciting prospect for a five year old.

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