Merchandise Davros as found in the Doctor Who Figure Collection

Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Running Order Confirmed

Eaglemoss, the people behind the new Doctor Who Figurine Collection, have released a list of the first twenty-three characters that will be available in the 80+ figurine collection through the collection’s official Facebook page.

Davros as found in the Doctor Who Figure Collection

There are a few surprises lurking in the predominantly Nu-Who line up; namely a Cyberman from Troughton serial The Invasion and Omega appearing in the first twenty, while non of the incarnations of The Master make the opening line up, as you can see below:

1. Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)
2. Davros
3. Cyber Controller
4. Weeping Angel
5. Silurian
6. Bronze Dalek
7. Sontaran
8. Tenth Doctor ( David Tennant)
9. Ice Warrior
10. Silent
11. Rassilon
12. Ood
13. Dalek Suprerme
14. Cyberman (2013)
15. Omega
16. Vashta Narada
17. Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)
18, Judoon
19. Dalek Dead Planet
20. Sycorax
21. Cyberman (Invasion)
22. Ninth Doctor (Eccleston)
23. Heavenly Host


Not so much of a surprise is the inclusion of Tom Baker as the only classic Doctor to appear in the first quarter of the collection, as arguably the most iconic and recognizable incarnation he was always going to be a favorite for early release.

Even by Nu-Who standards there seem to be some odd choices for a collection that will most likely live or die by its opening selection, and subsequent subscription uptake, with the likes of the Heavenly Host and Rassilon, assuming of course that we are talking about Timothy Dalton as opposed to the more portly portrayal seen in The Five Doctors.

But who, or what, else can we expect from the collection. Has this opening salvo piqued your interest or has the lack of equal portions of classic put you off a little? Drop us a line below and let us hear what you think about the line up so far.


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21 Responses to Doctor Who Figurine Collection Running Order Confirmed

  1. avatar Neil says:

    Bit of a shocker that theres no Master figurine. I also hope the so called *classic* era has more of showing in the future.After all if there had been no *classic* Who, there would be no Nu-Who!.

    • avatar G larkham says:

      Not to bad of a list i would like to see the master as portrayed by roger delgado in the list

  2. It’s the total price tag of over £500 that puts me off. Also, I heard from a WHSmiths employee that there were 70 parts to the collection; is the 80+ number confirmed?

    • avatar JohnT says:

      It is scheduled for 70 parts – but there will be specials along the way

  3. avatar David butcher says:

    When’s Australia getting these????????

  4. avatar Matthew Ross says:

    The makers have said they definitely have 80 figurines, more may be added though…

  5. avatar Simon Hodges says:

    There is a list doing the rounds on a couple of forums supplied by someone in close contact with Eaglemoss with a provisional list of the first sixty – all bar the sixth and eighth Doctors are included (Capaldi is on the late twenties/early thirties) up to that point and the Simm and Delgado Masters too. A fair few classic monsters also turn up (no Yeti or classic Silurians though) mainly in various types of Dalek abd Cybermen.

  6. avatar Al says:

    Disappointed and surprised there are no companions in the first set, not even a Sarah Jane or Clara. They don’t need two different Dalek or Cybermen versions so close together.

  7. avatar Bob James says:

    I’ve noticed that most of these companies granted licenses can’t count backwards. We always seem to get Eleven, Ten, and then Four. Not Nine, Eight, and so on. That’s Big Chief (or Big Prices), and Eaglemoss. Or, if you’re Bif Bang Pow!, you start with Four, and then get to One and Eleven. At least they acknowledged the First, you know, the one without whom there never would have been a Fourth. Funny math, that is, based I’m sure, on the math of the amounts of money that come out of collectors pockets, and that for some folks it’s still somewhere between the years of 1974-1981. It’s 2013 for me, and I love them all, but I really do wish the respect was there that we have had 11 (soon to be 12) remarkable actors who have portrayed the Doctor, and not just one with a very long scarf who’s surrounded by many apprentices.

    • avatar Lozzer says:

      I considered signing up for this – In subscribed to the marvel figurine collection several years ago and I still proudly display them. What’s put me off with this collection is the lack of classic figures early on. You can pick up Weeping Angels, Cybus Cybermen and New Daleks anywhere, if they’d mixed it up classic/new per issue I might have been sold.

  8. avatar jade says:

    there is going to a master and it is the 4th doctor era master, there is only going to be 70 issue

  9. avatar Dan Hallett says:

    Don’t know where this 70 figure comes from I have the premium subscription and they have clearly stated they have 80 planned including all Doctors plus specials including the TARDIS.

  10. avatar Josh says:

    when you think about this collection – it does make you think about how much they have planned so far and what specials they will do. I bet sarah jane smith will become a special along side K9. if they are clever they will include every monster, companion and Doctor. from both the classic and Nu-who. this collection is only upto 80 but that’s a downside to it, but with extentions every now and again, I’m sure this collection could be maxed out to a good 200-500 parts.

  11. avatar Dave says:

    I’ve subscribed to the premium edition and so far I’m pretty damn happy with what I’ve got so far. I hope they do release 80+ as they are already looking great on the plinth I got! Part of me does wish they had moving parts but I guess that’s where normal action figures come in! In final though I’ll be getting these until they stop it! Fantastic!

  12. avatar JoGGer says:

    The lack of classics is pitiful especially the absence of the yeti – particularly in the light of the recovery of the ‘web of fear’ episodes…the companies subscription staff are useless too….Heaven forbid anyone – be it underground toys, character options or eagle moss – try a menoptra, a zarbi, a war machine ,, a dominator, a kroton a quark, a white robot or any of a vast army of infinitely superior classic monsters AND just why are so many male fans after figures of companions – its the Doctors monsters that made Doctor Who I could understand girls wanting figures of sara jane and clara….

  13. avatar BOJAY says:

    It will be interesting to see whether these plans actually come to fruition. It will depend, obviously, on sales. Bif Bang Pow! had extensive plans to release a very wide array of 8″ scale Doctor Who action figures, but now most of that line has been cancelled. It never fails to amaze me that when companies granted licenses by the BBC to produce Doctor Who collectibles aren’t disappointing us, they are completely misapprehending what will actually interest the collector.

  14. avatar Hawklord says:

    I finally recieved the dalek emporer figure today and its bloody huge! On the whole the collection has been great although the paintwork has been a little slapdash in places! Wish id gone for the premium sub but it seemed a bit much for a few daleks!

  15. avatar sean says:

    What about some figures from the black and white erea please..and if there’s only going to be 70/80 figues not to many companions please

  16. avatar chris says:

    would like see more classic doctor monsters and baddies such as the black guardian,gelguards,robot,wirren,axons,

  17. avatar chris says:

    plus like see voc robots, autons, yetis please

  18. avatar paul hawklord says:

    We are now up to ish 25 and the list has gone wrong!

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