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Published on September 16th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Christmas 2013 Filming Footage [Spoilers]

While we’re all waiting for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special to hurry up and get here, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and a host of as-yet unnamed guests are busy recording the Eleventh Doctor’s final episode.

Below, you can see a bit of location footage recorded last week. If you don’t want to watch this potentially spoilery material (nothing is given away other than some dialogue and costumes) then move along; don’t click play.


Dialogue heard is as follows:

[spoiler ]

Doctor: “What do we make of [inaudible] eh? Three o’clock in the afternoon; must be very short days here

Clara: Is it Christmas here too?  [This is kind of a guess]

Doctor: No, it’s the height of the Summer

Clara: [Inaudible]

Doctor: [Inaudible] …is slowing and the MESSAGE is coming from THAT tower! Ah! Hello! Hello there…



(Via Doctor Who Spoilers.)


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11 Responses to Doctor Who Christmas 2013 Filming Footage [Spoilers]

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Resisted the temptation to click on the location spoiler. Really want to see it when I’m meant to.

  2. avatar drewboynton says:

    I’m still not convinced Matt Smith is in the Christmas Special. I think he regenerates in the 50th Anniversary Special. ;)

    • He’s in this clip though…

      • avatar David F says:

        I think the clip’s been planted by the production team to throw us off the scent. I think they recorded that a long time ago and are pretending it’s been taken by a fan.

        (I don’t really. I’m just trying to fit in to modern fandom. I think Drew might be joking too . . .)

        • avatar drewboynton says:

          Wow, 3 people must have took me seriously! I even put the goofy “joking smiley” at the end! :)

  3. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    They even made him a wig specifically for this episode :) It would be disgraceful for him to regenerate during The Day Of The Doctor because a lot of the limelight will be focused on Tennant and Hurt (and nobody knows what other surprises we’re in for in November’s special). The X-mas special will be all Matt and be a fitting swansong to his excellent tenure I’m sure.

  4. avatar dr jon says:

    It will be great if the ending of the 50th leads into the xmas episode with a cliff hanger knowing his time is up with only a few hours left. A race against time. Or has that been done? Well it could happen.

  5. avatar TonyS says:

    With the string of lights it looks a little like Santa World (or whatever it’s really called) in Lappland. It would be dark early there too. Maybe we actually get an appearance by Jeff this year.

  6. avatar Frank says:

    The line is “It’s snowing”, not “is slowing”

  7. I thought it said, “it’s snowing, and this means/this feed it’s coming from that tower”

    and if he says, “no, it’s the height of summer” it would go

    “No, it’s the height of summer….and it’s snowing…this means it’s coming from that tower”

  8. He also say something like “and sunlight sticks/and some life sticks/and some light sticks”, the other sentences, when he’s waving the sonic screwdriver around…

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