Doctor Who Casting Rules Capaldi Out of Musketeers Series 2

The creator of new BBC One drama The Musketeers has appeared to rule out further appearances by Peter Capaldi beyond the first series following his casting as the Twelfth Doctor.


Adrian Hodges dropped a fairly heavy hint that Capadi, who plays Cardinal Richelieu in the series, won’t be returning in a chat with Geek Syndicate.

Of course, I didn’t exactly anticipate my leading actor becoming the new Doctor Who but you have to roll with the punches and all we can really do is turn it as much to our advantage as we can, and have a kind of ‘series villain’ policy which I think will keep the show fresh, assuming we get a second series of course.

You can sense a certain philosophical world-weariness in his voice, can’t you? The news doesn’t come as a big surprise given Doctor Who’s heavy production schedule which will see Capaldi required to take up residence in Cardiff for the best part of next year.

The Musketeers is a ten part drama coming to BBC1 in 2014. Adrian Hodges, writer and executive producer, has previous form in charge of Primeval and the Survivors revival of 2008-2010.

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