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Published on September 24th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Big Finish’s Early Adventures in 2014

In September 2014, Big Finish starts their exciting new range of past Doctor stories with Doctor Who: The Early Adventures and the first four tales sound so mouth wateringly good that a whole year seems just too long to wait!

2nd Doctor - Snowmen

The four episode tales build on the Companion Chronicle format by having the First and Second Doctor’s friends narrating the stories but the new house style for these adventures has the added bonus of full cast production values. David Richardson, the producer of the range, explained a little more about the new audio range:

Anyone who has heard our First and Second Doctor Lost Stories will be familiar with this format…except here we have pushed the format to make these productions sound as much as possible like full cast drama.

The first release is Domain of the Voord by Andrew Smith (writer of 1980 Fourth Doctor adventure Full Circle). The story pits the TARDIS crew against Terry Nation’s creations the Voord (not the Daleks, pay attention) who were last seen in the First Doctor story The Keys of Marinus (1964), on a world that is largely covered with water. William Russell and Carole Ann Ford star as Ian Chesterton and Susan Foreman. The guest cast includes Daisy Ashford (daughter of Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw) and Geoffrey Beevers, who briefly played the Master.

Next up is a purely historical story in October with The Doctor’s Tale by Marc Platt (writer of Seventh Doctor story Ghost Light from 1989). Maureen O’Brien and William Russell provide the narration and acting duties as well as Vicki and Ian. The supporting cast includes Gareth Armstrong (The Masque of Mandragora), Alice Haig and Joseph Kloska.

All together now: "He's behind you!"

All together now: “He’s behind you!”

The third offering is The Bounty of Ceres by Ian Potter, in which the TARDIS travellers find danger in the future on a base on a dwarf planet in the Solar System. Maureen O’Brien returns as Vicki and is joined by Peter Purves as Steven Taylor. The cast goes on to include Richard Hope ( 2010’s The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood), Julia Hills (2point 4 Children) and Peter Forbes.

Last but not least, The Early Years first series ends in December 2014 with An Ordinary Life by Matt Fitton. This time around the stars are the legendary Jean Marsh and Peter Purves who will be playing Sara Kingdom and Steven Taylor. During this story the TARDIS breaks down on Earth in the 1950s, the Doctor is incapacitated and the two companions must decide whether or not to settle down and lead an ordinary life. But something else more sinister has the same idea as well…

So there you are; a whole new range of exciting adventures to look forward to from Big Finish next year. You’ll just have to wade through all of the other brilliant stuff they’ll provide before these stories before you can get to them.

It’s a hard life sometimes…

For more details on Doctor Who: The Early Adventures visit Big Finish.


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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

8 Responses to Big Finish’s Early Adventures in 2014

  1. avatar Mab says:

    I really wish Big Finish would stop.
    I’ve listened to EVERYTHING they’ve done and there’s so little that’s decent. Dalek Empire was about the best, but the main monthly Dr Who series hasn’t been worth the money for a number of years, to say nothing of the companion chronicles.

    I know it’s taboo to say anything negative about Dr Who or Big Finish on this site, but anyone listening objectively to the BF Audios has to admit the stories are mostly weak, the production values aren’t great (though they have gotten better) and some of the acting is terrible (though the Dr’s themselves remain pitch perfect), listening to the accents of the Beatles actors in the latest 5th Dr audio saw me turn it off in under 20 minutes, it was soooo bad.

    The only positive I can take from these productions, and why I keep listening, is that they gave Colin Baker and Paul McGann a proper go at the character, which they never got on telly. The run with old sixy and Evelyn Smithe is so interesting, putting the Dr with an older woman was inspired. And I’ll admit that the 8th Dr adventures, with Lucie Miller were generally good too.

    But that was a long time ago.

    Nicholas Briggs, Sir, with genuine respect – please just let it go.

    • Surely you should be asking Mr Briggs to stop pointing that gun at your head? Lots of people still enjoy Big Finish :) and no one is compelled to buy their CDs…

      • avatar John Miller says:

        I sort of agree with Mab. While I disagree that Big Finish’s output has been “mostly weak”, I do think that Big Finish have produced a lot of “just alright” material. I remember back in ’99 when a Doctor Who Audio was something special to cherish, and listen to more than once. At the rate they’re pumping the stuff out, the only thing I find odd is that Mab has had the time to listen to everything they’ve done. Does anyone really care about what happened to the Counter Measures gang after Remembrance of the Daleks? Just HOW many adventures are we supposed to believe the Fifth Doctor and Peri had between Planet Of Fire and The Caves Of Androzani? I still like some Big Finish stuff, but the days of “get it all” or even “get a lot of it” are long gone. I don’t have the time, space or desire for that. There’s probably more Big Finish Doctor Who than everything else combined at this stage….

        it’s also kind of odd that they say “and Geoffrey Beevers, who briefly played the Master.” While that is sort of true of the television show, it’s strange that Big Finish of all people refer to Beevers in that way. Unless they don’t count their own audios as canon…

      • avatar Mab says:

        No, im not compelled and it’s a case of good money after bad really. But, like John Miller said in his comment, there was a time when an audio was worth so much more than they are now.
        I remember when the only thing we had were the books, Virgin then BBC and when Big Finish started with Paul McGann i fairly lost my mind with excitement and anticipation and would have paid a lot more than the sticker price to get my ears on them (and i was in melbourne at the time, with only 1 cult book store selling them, so i paid top dollar!), but that time is over now.

        Maybe it’s unfair to compare Big Finish now to Dr Who now, when BF is really – sorry guys – riding on the coat tales of what I, and I think we all as fans, used to want.

        I used to want more Dr Who so much I was willing to put up with the low quality of BF releases, but surely they need to step it up in a world where the music of DW alone, gets it’s own Albert Hall evening?

        I always felt Colin Baker was treated badly and deserved a chance to show us what he really wanted to do, and BF gave him that and thats awesome. Paul McGann promised so much (that whole half-human thing aside) and got a chance to shine and that is something every fan should listen to.

        If there’s quality material for DW then lets have it, but John Miller is right Countermeasures along with Graceless, Iris Wildthyme, the majority of the Companion Chronicles, the last chunk of the main series, the 4th Dr adventures and now the 50th Anniversary stuff, it’s just not quality material.

        Maybe I just need to learn to let go! But the best of BF is waaaay behind us, and anything they promise for 2014 will have to wait till it hits the bargain bin before it lines my shelves. It is no longer worth the money.

        • avatar James Mclean says:

          Well the query is what’s quality and what’s preference. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a great deal of recent output from Big Finish. I do not consider myself a fan for the sake of being a fan, I simply enjoy a good Doctor Who yarn, and they provide them. Not all have clicked with me, and that’s the same back at the start as now. Personally, aside from the last couple of Lucie Miller stories, I got little enjoyment out of her era, but as is the case with all Doctor Who, isn’t that the same for the TV show? One man’s Sunmakers is another man’s Time and the Rani? You’ll find a man who’ll drool over Logopolis as well as the man who will splutter and gasp at the notion there’s anything mildly interesting in that story?

          If your point is there’s a quantifiable reduction in quality, then I would have to refute that and suggest either you’ve grown tired of them, you’re listening to the wrong ones, you’ve listened to too many or simply the shine has worn off given, and I would say this is a fair standpoint, there is a deluge there. When there’s so many of one thing, that one thing is bound to lose its magic.

          I don’t think from my experience I can see justification in the notion they’ve got weaker, I would suggest that this isn’t a factual point – unless I am to deem my own opinion to be less worthy. I don’t see it as any more or less valid. Quite frankly I find the Companion Chronicles and the Lost Episodes have invigorated the range.

          I don’t buy every Big Finish, I do cherry pick on what I think will suit me, and more often than not, I’m very impressed. But then would we be fans of Doctor Who if we didn’t all disagree on at least, well, everything!

          Perhaps with Big Finish, its all about just finding what does interest you rather than trying to enjoy everything. If Counter Measures doesn’t interest a listener, don’t buy it. I can’t say I’ve been spellbound by some of the recent Tom Bakers personally (they just haven’t clicked for me), so I tend to go for material from the black and white era.

          Interesting topic. I think my bottomline is I think its fantastic to have such a plethora of Doctor Who. Big Finish brought some faces back I’d never imagined to have heard in Doctor Who again, that to me is worth the dabble!

  2. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Well, I still love Big Finish. I don’t have enough money or space for everything, but if I could, I’d buy it all!

    And these Early Adventures sound great!

  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I for one continue to relish BF’s continued Doctor Who output. Yes, sometimes they produce a weak story here and there, but what difference is that to the TV series, old and new? BF have produced some of the best Who stories ever, and I for one will continue to enjoy them. Books are good, but having the original actors continue to give us brand new stories is something we should not take for granted.

  4. avatar Lozzer says:

    I’ve never lisened to a Big Finish story that was as bad as The Rings Of Akhaten… Keep up the good work BF, I only dip in and out and buy what stands out to me, I have a wife with expensive tastes, money doesn’t grow on trees… but what I have bought I’ve loved. Can’t wait for the 50th special.

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