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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

Peter Capaldi on a Shortlist of One?

Following the immensely successful global simulcast reveal of the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, showrunner/writer, Steven Moffat, spoke with the press regarding the process of casting Matt Smith’s successor.


I just think you know instantly when the Doctor is ‘in the room’ and…the Doctor was ‘in the room.’

While quick to dismiss the idea that Capaldi’s age was a deciding factor, he goes on to say that he

…cannot imagine what someone in their 20s could do with the Doctor after Matt Smith showed us how to be a 20s Doctor.

The interview is an intriguing glimpse into the mindset of those who were tasked with identifying the newest face of the beloved Time Lord.

It will be interesting to see if the transition from Smith’s “Old/Young” Doctor to Capaldi’s “Young/Old” Doctor will be as smooth as Moffat is suggesting…


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12 Responses to Peter Capaldi on a Shortlist of One?

  1. avatar Bob James says:

    I’m confident that we are all in for some genuine magnificence.

  2. immensely successful ?? What in earth was Zoe Ball doing there let alone Rufus “Peter Eccleston” Hound

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      Well, considering it was pretty much a global live simulcast, and the worst complaint you have is Rufus Hound’s nervous blunder? Yeah, I’d say immensely successful.

      I think the Whoniverse can handle having fans like Zoe Ball and Rufus. Capaldi said it best when he stated that Doctor Who is for everyone. I do think the show could have benefited from having more Doctors and maybe being hosted by someone like Catherine Tate, but for what Moff and Co. were trying to accomplish, it was fantastic.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      Both me and my wife (who is only a proper fan by proxy) wondered why Zoe Ball, I mean it’s not 1997 anymore, and wondered why they didn’t use someone from the show who can present as well. I felt a bit sorry for Rufus Hound because he obviously didn’t want to cock anything up and fate being what it is his nerves got the better of him and he did, poor fella!

      • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

        Did you read his blog post after the show? I felt bad for him too. I almost wonder if maybe they had to do the reveal sooner than they had planned to…could explain the “interesting” mix of live guests and Zoe as a host. I had never personally heard of Zoe Ball prior to the announcement of the live show, but for what it’s worth, I thought she was more than adequate.

      • avatar Howard Railton says:

        Just goes to show what a real pro Capaldi is, he didn’t let any of that horrendous razzmatazz get the better of him: brilliant! Can’t they just do Capaldi now and get rid of these boy pretenders?

  3. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    The man is pure talent. Not only is he a brilliant actor but he is a fan and understands the character and the show. Just look at his cheeky little grab of his lapels when he was announced. I have loved Chris, David and Matt – and I have no doubt Peter will not only fit into the role perfectly but improve on it and continue to grow it! William Hartnell was also 55 when he took on the role. Our show (and it is ours) has now come full circle in it’s 50th year!

  4. avatar Adrian Larson says:

    Good interview by Grand Moffat and I like his thought process in picking a new Doctor. The whole you know the the “Doctor is in the house” stuff I find rubbish (but might be true I guess). But Moff’s thoughts using the transition from Smith (old/young) to Capaldi (young/old) I find works of me. I don’t know why really. I also believe Capaldi will be the Doctor for at least two years. Typecasting isn’t going to be an issue, Capaldi is to far into his career to worry about that, he’s done all the drama roles actors crave.

    Good on Grand Moff’s not to go the PC way with a women. Ugh…

    Side note: I clicked another article (date June 3) on the page about the front runners for the 12th Doctor and Capaldi name wasn’t even mentioned, which I find amusing for some reason.


    • avatar iank says:

      I was most amused by his public bitch-slapping of Helen Mirren. I think the Queen should be played by a man – ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar authorman94 says:

    I’m glad Capaldi has been cast, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him in the role. He’s a brilliant and diverse actor, a tremendous talent (a director as well as an actor) and he’s a fan of the show so he knows what’s expected of him. I’m confident in his casting, and hopefully he lives up to the other eleven brilliant actors who have played the Doctor!

  6. avatar drewboynton says:

    6+ million viewers…not bad! I wonder how BBC America’s ratings were for the show, especially since it was barely Sunday afternoon for most of the USA. I think Capaldi will do fine, and it’s nice to have someone as The Doctor again who was a long-time fan of the show!

  7. avatar Neu 75 says:

    It was a bit showbiz. I still think they should have announced him on the One Show or something, trailing it as a special edition, rather than some hyped show. Interesting that one of the BBC articles took the trouble of pointing out who the brains behind it was – incoming Controller of BBC One Charlotte Moore.
    I wonder when Capaldi will make his first appearance on Blue Peter?

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