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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

New Seventh Doctor Jumper and Scarf from Lovarzi

After the success of their Fourth Doctor Scarf, Lovarzi, the UK’s leading online scarf retailer, is releasing five more unique Doctor Who products in partnership with BBC Worldwide to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

The Seventh Doctor's jumper, as worn by Sylvester McCoy


The range is essential for fans of the Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy – but there’s something new for everyone, including a specially-designed Dalek Scarf.

The Seventh Doctor’s Jumper and the incredibly-detailed Silk Scarf are ideal for cosplayers, and the 100% cotton Hanky finishes off the look perfectly.

The Seventh Doctor’s iconic appearance was designed by Ken Trew in April 1987, ready for McCoy’s debut in Time and the Rani. He battled Daleks and Cybermen, braved Paradise Towers, played chess with Fenric, and performed at the Psychic Circus for the Gods of Ragnarok until the costume made its last appearance in 1989’s Survival.

Maninder Singh Sahota is Director of Lovarzi:

After the success of the Doctor Who Scarf last year, it is great to offer Doctor Who fans some other classic products. We are dedicated to providing fans with fine quality products which I’m certain they’ll love.

The Seventh Doctor's scarf, as worn by Sylvester McCoy

Alex Carter-Jones, Business Development Manager from Forbidden Planet says:

Following on from the hugely successful Fourth Doctor Replica Scarf this range of new scarves and knitwear for the Seventh Doctor looks set to be a real fan favourite. Alongside this the addition of the burgundy Fourth Doctor scarf to the range makes for a great way to continue upon the line from last year.

The Seventh Doctor Jumper, Silk Scarf and Hanky will all be available for pre-order from, Forbidden Planet and the Doctor Who Experience from September 2013.


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4 Responses to New Seventh Doctor Jumper and Scarf from Lovarzi

  1. avatar Andrew G. Dick says:

    I had Question mark jumper knitted for my 12th birthday and wore it to the Christmas school disco. Loved it! What about the umbrella though? I recall someone was making replicas of that as well, which I got also.

  2. avatar O'Cailleagh says:

    I would also like to know if there is to be an umbrella, I’ve been looking for one for years!

  3. avatar Ryan Gross says:

    Isn’t the correct term ‘tank top’. Either way, I love them and genuinely have a few in my wardrobe. I keep suggesting they bring them back every time a new Doctor is announced (albeit without the self aware question marks) I can’t til this one is released!

    • avatar Larry J says:

      Jumper is the correct UK term, Americans would call it a sweater vest like Raj in Big Bang wears.

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