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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

More Indications of a Twelfth Doctor Reveal Sunday!

Earlier today, it transpired that the BBC is possibly planning on moving/dropping the scheduled episode of Celebrity Mastermind on Sunday evening, an action that might well be in order to broadcast a special Doctor Who related show in its place.

Doctor Who's 2013 LogoEarlier this week we reported on a rumour doing the rounds concerning a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential to be broadcast on Sunday evening, within which the identity of the Twelfth Doctor would be revealed. This move would echo the way in which Matt Smith was unveiled as David Tennant’s successor in January 2009.

As related by Starburst, the news that Celebrity Mastermind might be moved on Sunday to make way for a special show was quickly backtracked when it was revealed that the news was embargoed until midnight. MSN Entertainment soon tweeted:

Rather than the planet being turned inside out with news of the Twelfth Doctor’s earthly nom de plume, however, the consensus is that midnight’s announcement will only confirm the broadcast of a special Doctor Who show – the one we informed our readers about earlier this week.

The likelihood is – given the secrecy we’re witnessing – that the show (hosted by Zoe Ball and advertised as a 50th anniversary celebration) will be the platform for which a male or female actor (probably the former, from what we’re hearing) to be unveiled as the next face in the TARDIS.


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14 Responses to More Indications of a Twelfth Doctor Reveal Sunday!

  1. avatar vortexter says:

    Iif it is the new Dr then great! I cant wait.
    But… if it is a special announcement show for Dr Who then could they be announcing something else? Maybe something Who fans have been anticipating and hearing rumours about for a long time…?

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      After my initial excitement, I began to have similar thoughts…

      Could this be the returned episodes being confirmed? Or the news of the simultaneous transmission of the special?

      But… Bleeding Cool are so specific in their story – even down to the presenter – and I doubt that the BBC would embargo news stories on either of the above, that I do think this really is it now.

      In a few days I think we will learn that the new Doctor is…?

      • avatar vortexter says:

        It probably is the next Doctor being announced but what a bizarre way to do it. Talk about being thrown to the wolves! To be announced live on air with a studio full of Whovians in full who get up! Seems a better way to announce missing stories turning up. Good luck to whoever it is but I’m wondering if it isn’t a double reveal. Missing eps and a new Doctor maybe. I am really excited if it is Peter Capaldi.

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          Despite how much DW fans may moan and groan online, group psychology would suggest that, got together with the opportunity to cheer the new Doctor, they’ll be meek and mild – barring the odd twit, of course.

          You could be right about the episodes as well…

          • avatar TonyS says:

            I did wonder whether it might be about episodes. I see Bleeding Cool is still blogging about the possibility of episodes being returned

  2. avatar St.Peter says:

    “The decision is made,” says Doctor Who Executive Producer Steven Moffat.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      I assume from the quote this is the “embargoed” press release from midnight tonight! Isn’t it nice how some “news” sites just do as they please…

  3. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Just to think, it looks like we’ve only got three more days to cram in all the speculation and “I’ll never watch it again if it’s [insert prejudice here]” comments.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Yes after Sunday we can be more specific. “Not him/her/them! I am never watching the programme again”

  4. avatar Bob James says:

    Let us just stop it with “might be a female” thing now, okay? It’s starting to massively annoy me.

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    I think I just set myself up………..

    • avatar TonyS says:

      You did but I’ll let it pass this time :)

  6. avatar David F says:

    I’ve been living overseas for several years, and I’m stunned by all of this . . . John Craven’s Sunday-morning Countryfile is now a peak-time BBC1 show? Wow. Maybe we should make him the new Doctor.

    (Note: I’ve just realised I have no idea whether Craven has retired or even died while I’ve been away.)

    • I’m sure you must have looked it up in the meantime, but yes, Craven is still fronting Countryfile, although he was for a time pushed aside for younger models when they moved the show.

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