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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Miss the Big Reveal? Here’s Peter Capaldi!

The Doctor is regenerating – but as you cannot wait until Christmas, here’s the moment from Sunday’s Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor when esteemed character actor Peter Capaldi was unveiled live on TV!

Hey, did you see that at 0:36?!? Capaldi did a Hartnell-esque lapel grab!

The full seven minute clip includes the actor’s first interview, in which he recalls downloading old scripts and practicing some dialogue as the Doctor, and consoling his daughter when she couldn’t find any websites suggesting him as Matt Smith’s replacement.

A new dawn of Doctor Who is approaching, dear reader!


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

8 Responses to Miss the Big Reveal? Here’s Peter Capaldi!

  1. avatar Guy Grist says:

    I can’t wait for the new era!!!

  2. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    He did as well, didn’t he! It’s in long shot (typical BBC) so you don’t realise at first, but it was a very nice touch – and demonstrates he is a real fan. Feeling more and more happy about the announcement every time I see him.

  3. avatar David F says:

    It’s thirty-four years since I first got into Doctor Who. I should be jaded by now. I can’t account for quite how happy I feel every time I think about this casting.

    • I know exactly what you mean :D

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      I don’t think you’re the only one. Personally i’m tremendously excited about what the future holds. Capaldi is the actor i never knew i really wanted as The Doctor.

  4. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    My entire family was glued to the furniture to watch the reveal. You have no idea how rare that is because all four of us never have the same taste in tv shows. The only one we *all* watch is Doctor Who. Hell, I practically planned my day around the announcement.

    I’m wondering if it’s going to go in a whole new direction with Capaldi at the helm. Can’t wait.

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    This is exciting! This is the only show in the history of television that can so powerfully continue to reinvigorate and yes, regenerate itself. Everything is going to be new, but I have no doubt, that in a very short amount of time upon his appearing on screen, we’re (most of us, I’m convinced) going to say “Hello, Doctor!”. I think I know exactly how you feel David F., because that’s how I’ve felt every time we enter this territory again. It’s wonderful to be a fan of the most incredible, brilliant show in the history of television.

  6. avatar Howard Railton says:

    Even an inveterate moaner like me can’t whinge at this, very good, very strong casting of Capaldi. It feels as though a proper Doctor has turned up! (Sorry Smith fans)

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