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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

McGann Dismisses 50th Anniversary Rumours

One of the enduring rumours surrounding Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is the inclusion of a classic incarnation – with the smart money on Paul McGann.

However despite recent cryptic tweets and Bleeding Cool stating that he is involved (perhaps within the main episode or as part of an online minisode), the under-rated actor has been quite decisive on Twitter this week when questioned:

So is that the end? Well, there’s no mention of voice work. Just saying – after all, Paul McGann does an awful lot of it…


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8 Responses to McGann Dismisses 50th Anniversary Rumours

  1. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    His “cryptic” comment was very odd – why not just say outright that he isn’t involved. But even this denial now is oddly worded. If you’re not in the special, wouldn’t you say “I am not in the special, and was not asked to be” – not “I never visited the set nor was invited to”. It just seems a strange way of saying it.

    Still, maybe I’m getting dragged into the traditional DW fans tendency to disbelieve anything anyone involved in the show says!

  2. avatar authorman94 says:

    I think it’s sadly time we came to accept that McGann simply ain’t coming for the 50th in any shape or form. Of course, I’m reserving judgment and speculation until I see it, but I do feel they’ve missed an golden opportunity for not only the show, but also McGann as an actor. Well, at least we still have him in printed form in “Prisoners of Time” and in audio form in “The Light at the End” for him in multi-Doctor team-ups.

    • avatar Matthew says:

      Thought I’d just point out that you were wrong. Thank GOD you were wrong. So happy to see him again. :’)

  3. avatar Bob James says:

    If Paul was seen entering any BBC facility recently as has been suggested, it was probably to do with his involvement in the series of retrospectives being made which explore each Doctor’s era. These are being made for BBC America, and will subsequently be available in the UK via dvd. Each month numerically features a Doctor, and the surviving actors are interviewed, along with other parties who may have been involved in a particular era, as well as other parties sharing their thoughts and observations in regards to each era. Each surviving actor who has portrayed the Doctor is interviewed (although I can’t see Christopher Eccleston being bothered when it comes to the Ninth Doctor special), and Paul would most certainly be asked to take part. That’s just me hazarding a guess, but it would make the most sense. I’d love to be wrong, mind you, because I’d love to see him pop up in the Anniversary Special (much more than John Hurt, no offense meant to that brilliant actor), but I don’t think Paul is misleading us in his response to the rumors.

  4. avatar vortexter says:

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. This is what a 50th anniversary does to you.

  5. avatar Scott says:

    In regards to the 50th Matt Smith said “paintings” on a talk show… My hope is some of the previous Doctors make a return via these “paintings” What a clever way around their obvious aging/being deceased.

    So McGann could be a part of it without ever going to the set if he did some voice over work for his “painting” which I imagine would be computer animated in some way?????

    Or maybe it means he showed up on location but not on set.

  6. avatar TonyS says:

    We will argue our way into madness over this one. Personally, I have no reason to doubt what Paul McGann says. The extremely obscure tweet probably says nothing at all about his future plans. I am assuming that the classic era Doctors do not feature (heavily if at all) in the Special. Let’s wait until November before we decide whether this was a good or a bad thing.

  7. avatar William Schmetterling says:

    Well, Paul’s Twitter feed has nothing to offer but a sharply dispassionate comment about Ryanair flight travel getting on his bad side. Guess I’ll wait out the next few months. May good luck shine in favor of the Eighth Doctor.

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