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Published on August 30th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

John Hurt Tweet Hints at Further Appearances?

Steven “I’ve been lying my arse off for months” Moffat has repeatedly insisted that John Hurt’s involvement with Doctor Who will only be the upcoming 50th Anniversary special, where he will play an unknown incarnation of the Doctor.

However, there have been recent signs pointing to further involvement by the award winning actor…from John Hurt himself! Shortly after the announcement that Peter Capaldi would be the Twelfth Doctor, Hurt tweeted the following message:

“Congratulations, Peter Capaldi. I’m suboth and we will have a lot of fun.” 

That tweet was then deleted and replaced with a (spell-checked) message congratulating both Capaldi and the BBC on their choice. Hurt has gone on record saying that he didn’t actually send the tweet.

This leaves us with a few options to consider.

  1. Hurt has a social media wrangler handling his Twitter account and the deleted tweet was either a mistake or a misunderstanding.
  2. Hurt’s Doctor is going to appear past the 50th as well and we’ll see him again when Capaldi is the Doctor (and someone in production had him delete the tweet).
  3. Perhaps less likely, Capaldi will have or has already had some role in the 50th.

So what say you? Is this all a misunderstanding or is Hurt dropping us some breadcrumbs? Or is there a slight chance of seeing 12 a little sooner than expected?


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21 Responses to John Hurt Tweet Hints at Further Appearances?

  1. avatar Adam says:

    This could also be misdirection from Moffat.

  2. avatar dailypop says:

    Great work as always, guys!

    On Capaldi appearing the 50th, I thought that was a dead cert as Smith was regenerating at the conclusion, or is that in the Christmas Special?

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      Thanks! The official line is that Smith will regenerate at the end of the Christmas special, but there has been some rumors suggesting an earlier exit for Matt. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    Hasn’t Capaldi been busy doing The Musketeers? The official line seems to be that Smith’s last episode will be the Christmas special (and considering he’s sharing the 50th with both Hurt and his predecessor I suppose it’d be fair for him to go out in his “own” episode).

    That said, Moffat often seems happyiest when he’s befuddling fandom. If I were a betting woman, which I’m not, I think my money would be on Hurt appearing again.

    • AFAIK, only a pilot of The Musketeers has been recorded to date. And let#s not forget that John Hurt appeared in The Name of the Doctor, recorded as part of his work on the 50th anniversary, but months after the rest of the episode was recorded…

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        Thanks Christian – I thought it was a 10-part series!

  4. avatar Tommycot says:

    suboth? What is that?

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      A typo, I think.

    • avatar Josh says:

      It’s probably some gigantic clue that we’re all missing and we’ll all facepalm once we watch the 50th and realize that he totally just told us everything and we missed it.

    • There should really be a [sic] in the quote – as you’ll see from the link that precedes it, this is how the tweet was written.

      perhaps a typo for “us both”?

  5. avatar kidstaple says:

    If Hurt is playing a reincarnation of the Doctor, more specifically, The Valyard, who is — according to DW canon, a reincarnation of the Doctor — it would make perfect sense for him to appear as maybe a villain later in the new series.

  6. avatar Greg says:

    What if John Hurt becomes a companion of 12 with Clara? Which would be odd if hes a past incarnation, then we will have done everything twice? But he brings himself along to keep his Hurt in check. And we see Hurt regenerate into Eccleston at some point? Idk. Fanboy wishes.

    • But what if he’s not 8.5?

      What if he is the Valeyard, one who travelled back in time to avert or change the Time War, which is how the Eleventh Doctor recognises him?

      • avatar TimeChaser says:

        I’ve always felt that the Time War had ripple effects on the Doctor’s timestream, like the origins of the Valeyard, when the Doctor might possibly be Merlin, etc. Until we actually get to see the story, I’ll continue to entertain the possibility that Hurt is either the Valeyard or a Valeyard-like character.

  7. avatar Wayne L. says:

    If they do any flashbacks..specifically to the saving of certain people by # 10 from Pompei then yes Capaldi will be indirectly involved….Because Capaldi was in that episode….you can’t cover 50 years of a series without some flash backs….it’s illogical! I now apologize for mixing fandoms and will go back to my corner and be a good boy.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      I’m wondering if they might mention in passing that he looks like Caecilius. But then, they never made any mention in the show of how much Six looked like Maxill.

  8. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Its things like this that drive people to lock themselves in their room and scribble all over the walls.

  9. It would mean that they would be taking a link from the idw comic ( and that’s unlikely as they usually are not high cannon level) but isn’t it more likely that John hurt isn’t the valyard , but rather “the renegade”, this was what the time lords referred to the doctor as after he “abandoned” his name during the time war.

    After he abandoned his name he used a device called ” the moment “, during the time war, destroying both races.

    Its clear that Russell t Davis had already started the idea for this off as the renegade was not alone in this plan and one of his cohorts is belived to be “the woman”

    The woman is the is a older version ofthe lady that talks to wilf throughout the last 10th doctor episode, that covers her eyes.

    The covering of the eyes was a sign the small group did when they used the “the moment” to end the time war.

    That’s my thought on it so yeah I think hurt will appear again if the script demands it. And no I don’t think the doctors will be renumbered as hurt isn’t really ” the doctor” is he ;)

    I’d like other people’s thoughts and if anyone was any other opinions from me just ask :)

  10. avatar Joe says:

    If you want an entirely unlikely possibility, maybe the John Hurt Doctor ends up becoming the Master, and the Doctor and the Master are the same! That goes against a lot of stuff previously said on the show, but it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve one something like that.

    • avatar Joe says:

      *they’ve done (is there a way I can edit comments?)

  11. . yep, sounds right to me. The MASTER is the Doctor… he entered the Time Lock… so he’s got to be… at least, that’s one idea. I kind of like it. but onyl if he stays good. it’s SO poignant and beautiful if the MASTER went GOOD because his friend the Doctor died in the Time War in some way… leading him to forsake his name THE MASTER and become the Doctor… or maybe they’re both in one body… oo I love this.

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