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Published on August 4th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Is Sam Troughton The Twelfth Star of Doctor Who?

With the unveiling of the Twelfth Doctor just hours away, the rumours just won’t stop!

A few days ago, Peter Capaldi seemed such a dead cert for the role that bookmakers closed betting on who will replace Matt Smith. But a new name has entered the fray…


Sam Troughton is the 36 year old grandson of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. You may recognise him from a range of television and movie roles, but he is perhaps best know to viewers of Saturday night TV as Much from the BBC One series Robin Hood, which ran from 2006 to 2010.

Now, while a good actor, Troughton isn’t our first choice of Time Lord offspring to take the role. But as Sean Pertwee has recently signed up to a US series it seems likely that the role isn’t his…

However, don’t take this well-sourced rumour as gospel. We’ve also heard that Daniel Rigby has cancelled his show in Edinburgh tonight…

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3 Responses to Is Sam Troughton The Twelfth Star of Doctor Who?

  1. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    I mention elsewhere on K that James Hawes has tweeted that when he learnt the new Doctor’s name (how? – it’s supposed to be top secret!) he was surprised – “I would never have guessed that!!” (or words to that effect).

    Which suggests it is not someone previously mentioned.

    But I’m not sure about Sam T – now David, that would be different.

    I wonder if some of these rumours this week, and the betting, isn’t being put about by the Production Team to distract the media from the real name.

    Oh well, in six hours we’ll know…

  2. avatar Steve Andrew says:

    I’ve seen Sam Troughton on stage in Romeo & Juliet a couple of years ago – damn fine actor, he would be a great Doctor.

    And on a related note I also saw Paterson Joseph in Julius Caesar and he was spectacular. In fact, it was his performance as Brutus that made me finally realise what an awesome Doctor he’d be.

    Oh no, I just used the word “awesome” unironically. Shoot me now…

    • avatar Andy Wood says:

      I saw Paterson Joseph be awesome in Julius Caesar , but I dont want him for the 12th , Lawrence Fox would be number one choice for me … but he wont be : (

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