John Hurt cast in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

Is John Hurt’s Doctor ‘The Renegade’?

This article contains possible spoilers about the 50th anniversary episode – be warned!

Has IDW’s Doctor Who comic given the game away as to the John Hurt Doctor’s place in the series’ lore? That’s the verdict of Bleeding Cool, based on issue 12 of the US publication.

Always up for a bit of fun speculation about all things sci-fi and fantasy, the site reckons the current issue’s strip, depicting Gallifrey’s moment of destruction in the time war, drops a heavy hint that Hurt is, in fact, the ninth Doctor, responsible for his home world’s end.

This would mean, of course, that all of the twenty-first century Doctors are to be effectively renumbered, making Eccleston the tenth, Tennant the eleventh and Smith the twelfth.

Bleeding Cool features some panels from the strip, which depict some seriously worried Time Lords facing up to their doom…

The Doctor is in possession of The Moment

What do you think? Is Hurt really ‘The Renegade’ in question? Will Peter Capaldi be the unlucky thirteenth? Most importantly, can anyone come up with a better description for this whole business than the ‘Hurt Insert’?!

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