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Published on August 20th, 2013 | by James Lomond

DWM Enjoys Increased Distribution!

BOOM. Sales of Doctor Who Magazine are UP! In fact they’re up by nearly a fifth since last year. If, like me, you enjoy the odd list of numbers, you’ll be getting fidgety from a lack of viewing figures to obsess over. Fear not. Relief is here – the publishing stats for DWM are out. Of course the next question is why the boost? And why is its youthful counterpart, Doctor Who Adventures not fairing so well?

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Tom Spilsbury, the editor of DWM, (who is rightly chuffed) explained to Doctor Who News what this means and suggests why the official magazine is doing so well,

…even holding steady is always a major achievement in the current magazine climate. For us to have increased by more than 10 per cent since the last report is staggering, and also highlights our strong sales in North America, due to the increasing popularity of Doctor Who there.

So are the bumper sales are down to our trans-Atlantic cousins getting in on Who’s official periodical? A quick nosey at the certificate from the Audit Bureau of Circulations reveals that around a third of all DWM sales were overseas…

It does raise an eyebrow (my left one) that DWA is falling behind while DWM is doing so well. Again, a quick glance at the certificate shows that DWA isn’t sold overseas which would make sense if the boost is coming from American interest. Moffat’s era has embraced the American audience in a big way with The Impossible Astronaut/ Day of the Moon giving a yank-soaked love-letter to 1960s USA and the Ponds’ farewell set in film noir Manhattan.

Or could it be that American sales are steady and more older fans in the UK are enjoying the show while *yoofs* are leaving it behind? What do you think- is the show becoming more ‘grown-up’, or are we seeing a rise in overseas appeal? Or both?…


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  1. avatar Bob James says:

    DWA is available in the US, but principally through specialty shops that deal in comics and sci-fi/sci-fantasy interests, so that may also go a ways to explain why sales aren’t as robust. I believe it may even be a matter of its having to be imported rather than obtained through a stateside distributor. DWM is available through most finer booksellers so is much more easily accessible.

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