Doctor Who News Arthur Darvill impressed with Peter Capaldi casting

Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Drew Boynton

Arthur Darvill Pleased with Capaldi Casting

Arthur Darvill, best known as Rory Pond Williams to Eleventh Doctor fans, believes that Peter Capaldi will make an excellent Twelve.

Arthur Darvill impressed with Peter Capaldi casting

Chatting with The Big Issue, Darvill expressed how much he believes Capaldi is the right choice for the role:

I think it’s brilliant. It will be really hard for him to follow Matt…but I think it is the right time for him to leave and who better to take over than one of the best actors in the country.

And Darvill also seemed excited that a new series featuring a new-and possibly very different-Capaldi Doctor could take the show in totally new directions:

They’ll have to write different stories for him…If they got another young Doctor then maybe the show wouldn’t have lasted but now I can only see it going on and on and on.

The 31-year-old actor, who recently co-starred on Broadchurch with Tenth Doctor David Tennant, also pin-pointed the trait that he thinks makes a successful Doctor:

It’s about having confidence…it’s about not fearing getting it wrong…You just go for it. That’s something you need to play this part. It’s about strength in your convictions, which very few people have in the way Matt does.

So, Kasterborites, do you think that Peter Capaldi is one of those few people? Does he have the confidence and convictions to make a memorable Doctor? Without question, he certainly has the experience and acting skill.

We’ve already seen him confidently mimic William Hartnell’s hands-on-lapels in his grand entrance on Doctor Who Live. And he is also completely at-ease doing interviews in a way that Matt Smith was not when the young actor was first announced for the role. From his published letters as a teenager, we know that he definitely knows–and is a fan of!–Doctor Who.

Last but definitely not least, Capaldi’s also shown that he will completely and utterly “go for it” as Malcolm Tucker on The Thick of It

(Via Big Issue)


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3 Responses to Arthur Darvill Pleased with Capaldi Casting

  1. avatar DonnaM says:

    I can’t remember being as excited about an incoming Doctor, and I go back as far as Tom Baker replacing Pertwee. The hints seem to be suggesting a more “alien” Doctor than the last couple, which is brilliant, and with Capaldi’s range the possibilities are damn near endless.

    No offence to Matt, who’s done wonders, but I really hope we get a good introduction to the new Doctor at Christmas!

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    For me, it’s the first time I haven’t had trepidation about an incoming Doctor. Just to take the new show alone, I was leery when I saw the first shot of Christopher Eccleston in his full Doctor gear. It was obvious this was going to be a completely new kind of take on the character, and Christopher won me over almost immediately. Eccleston was brilliant and trail blazing. Same with David, same with Matt. Even though I knew that they (whoever the “they” were when the time came over the course of the show to cast a new Doctor) had never chosen unwisely, and no actor chosen had ever, despite, in my opinion, some shaky starts, failed the part, all three made me a bit nervous at first. But I was still very much holding out hope and playing “wait and see”. This is the first time an actor has been cast, who, from the moment I heard his name, and in light of the quality of his previous work, I had immediate confidence that he will be absolutely brilliant in the role. I am beyond excited.

  3. avatar Maria says:

    I’ll wait til I see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I take a cautious approach to any new Doctor since the Jon Pertwee days.

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