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Published on August 30th, 2013 | by James Lomond

Alex Scarrow: Doctor Who ‘not Made in Chelsea’

Alex Scarrow, author of the imminent Eighth Doctor e-book Spore and ex-rock guitarist, is a man with sense. In an interview this week the author berated the (small but noisy) group of fans who tweeted dismay at Capaldi’s casting because they didn’t think he was enough of a hottie… Presumably, he saw something like this:

Speaking to the Guardian, Scarrow remarked:

I’ve seen some twitter traffic from (I guess) some younger viewers who were moaning about him not being young and pretty…but sheeesh, this isn’t X Factor! This isn’t Big Brother or Made in Chelsea!!

True say. Can you imagine if doctor who was like Made in Chelsea?! Since the late 80s my inner seven-year-old has grown with me in that he thinks the show should be darker, edgier and generally have less Peter-Kay-in-a-fat-suite.  Unlike me he disapproves of snogging full stop (not just in Doctor Who). Either way the thing he finds weirdest about New Who is that some viewers want to go out with the Doctor. Scarrow spells it out,

It’s not about having sexy cheekbones or floppy hair! It’s about big ideas that knock you onto your butt and stay with you long after the end credit music has played out.

Peter Capaldi 2

Perhaps I’d think differently if I had come to the show post-2005 and my first Timelord was a wee nipper like Tennant or Smith rather than McCoy and the real Oldies on VHS tapes. But the idea that anyone could be disappointed at Capaldi’s *look*, with the terrifying eyes and electric hair, makes me feel they don’t really know the character in all his glory. Hopefully number 12 will knock socks off (but leave other clothes on) and prove that the Doctor is brilliant whether he’s a shexy twenty-something or on the senior side.

Anyway, Hugh Laurie’s House has proved an older doctor can still become a sex-symbol. Maybe the nay-sayers will get a surprise! What do you think- do we want a sexy doctor? And do you need a young lead to set hearts a-flutter?


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9 Responses to Alex Scarrow: Doctor Who ‘not Made in Chelsea’

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Yeah, the twerps who dismiss Capaldi because he’s not a “hottie” are basically poser fans who simply don’t understand the show and frankly, if they go away, we’re better off without them!

  2. avatar Ranger says:

    I positively welcome a Doctor who wasn’t a sex symbol (though I have had my moments sighing over David Tennant) I like my stories simple, thank you – Doctor and companion rock up to some new planet, there is a villain, some oppressed people, a dalek/cyberman appears, Doctor and companion get locked up, escape, run around a quarry for a bit and then the Doctor saves the day. Exit stage left in Tardis. No unnecessary romantic rubbish needed to pacify hormone-riddled teens.

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    My initial view of Tennant was “Oh, bugger, he’s too good looking to be the Doctor!” I got over that because he played the part so well

    I never had that reaction to Matt Smith – apparently some females did. Frankly, Capaldi is easier on the eye than Matt in my book, but what matters most about both of them is that they’re damned fine actors who, in their different ways, will do justice to the part.

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    We of the Old Guard still need to work with these newer viewers who’ve come in post-2005 to show them that the Doctor is more important than just being someone pretty for them to swoon over.

  5. avatar GallifreyanFallenAngel says:

    Man, poor girl in the video. How would she be able to stand the sight of William Hartnell?

    To be honest, I have only seen a handful of some fans like that act this was. Not as big as some have said, but it’s still rude to act over an actor for looks or age. 6 of the 8 actors of the original series were over 40 years old, though I think Paul McGann was in his mid-30′s. Peter Davison was the only one under 30 for a little.

    I’m ready for a change of age anyways. It will be fun to see how the Doctor/Clara dynamic changes.

    I love whoever edited the ending into the video. :P My reaction exactly.

  6. I think their is nothing wrong with a sexy older man. Being sexy has nothing to do with age, or looks but baring and presence, which Peter has both. I also don’t think their is anything wrong with the Doctor snogging someone once and a while if the situation calls for it. Even William Hartnell flirted with some of the ladies. But I would like to see where the writing takes us.

  7. avatar Lozzer says:

    Well my wife and her friends think Peter’s a bit of a hotty.

  8. avatar authorman94 says:

    While I’m most definitely for a good actor to play the Doctor any day of the week, if they are pretty as well (Paul McGann, David Tennant and even Colin Baker have a lot of women fans) it can bring in an added audience who wouldn’t normally watch it. But anyways, Capaldi’s going to be great as the Doctor in my opinion, and shame some people slated the poor guy for his age and looks (he doesn’t look that bad in my opinion) because he’s a true talent who I hope is going to go over well as the Doctor.

  9. avatar TimeChaser says:

    You have to wonder who she actually was expecting it to be, to have a reaction like that. Yes, by her standard he isn’t young and pretty, but I wonder if she was expecting someone in particular…

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