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Published on July 9th, 2013 | by Joe Siegler

Where You Can Watch Doctor Who Online

Doctor Who has been off air for several weeks now. You might be bored of your Time Lord-free life, refreshing Kasterborous every 15 minutes for the latest news and attempting to mainline Rick Lundeen’s adaptation of The Daleks’ Master Plan to keep you going until November.

But in actual fact, if you’re reading this, you perhaps already have access to a wide selection of Doctor Who episodes from 1963 to 2012, thanks to the Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription services. With the former, you might even be able to enjoy Doctor Who on your games console, tablet or smartphone!

Note that we haven’t included YouTube as this has been featured elsewhere on Kasterborous.


The majority of the modern series is available for streaming on the two major players (Netflix & Amazon Prime Streaming), but they’re not exact duplicates of each other. Here’s what I found in terms of what’s available, and what is not.

Modern Doctor Who is available on Netflix

Series 1-6

Available on both Netflix & Amazon Prime Streaming with a couple of exceptions, noted below.

Series 7

Part 1 (Asylum of the Daleks thru The Angels Take Manhattan & Pond Life) is available on Amazon Prime Streaming, but NOT Netflix.
Part 2 (The Snowmen through The Name of the Doctor) is not yet available on either. It can be purchased on Amazon though.

A few notes about the modern series:

a) Planet of the Dead: Streaming on Amazon Prime, but not available for streaming with Netflix. You can, however get it from Netflix as a physical disc.
b) A Christmas Carol: Not available at all on Netflix (stream or disc), but it is on Amazon Prime Streaming.
c) Netflix has them grouped better in series – they lumped the specials in with the series they appear most near. Amazon has seasons, plus two groups of “Specials”. One for Tennant (Planet of the Dead, Waters of Mars, The End of Time), and one for Smith (A Christmas Carol, The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe, & The Snowmen), although The Snowmen isn’t available on Prime Streaming yet, it can be purchased.
d) The shorts, like Time Crash, CiN 2005, Space/Time, etc.. These are not available via streaming, but that’s no surprise. Some of the prequels *ARE* available on Amazon Prime Streaming, though.


I have a streaming only account with Netflix, and I can’t easily check and see what is available on the disc side of things. I searched for some of the physical DVD’s I own myself, and it did not find any of them.

*THIS IS ALL THERE IS FOR CLASSIC STREAMING* – so recommending Netflix for Doctor Who in the US is not a good idea. There’s a couple, but there’s so little, it might as well not be there, IMO. The bulk of this is the same on both services (Netflix & Amazon Prime Streaming), but there’s a couple of them that are only available on one or the other.

William Hartnell

The Aztecs (Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Patrick Troughton

The Tomb of the Cybermen (Amazon Prime)
The Mind Robber (Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Jon Pertwee

Spearhead from Space (Netflix & Amazon Prime
The Three Doctors (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
Carnival of Monsters (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Green Death (Netflix)

Tom Baker

The Ark in Space (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
Pyramids of Mars (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Robots of Death (Amazon Prime)
The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Amazon Prime)
Horror of Fang Rock (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Ribos Operation (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Pirate Planet (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Androids of Tara (Netflix)
The Power of Kroll (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The City of Death (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Leisure Hive (Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Peter Davison

Earthshock (Amazon Prime)
The Visitation (Netflix & Amazon Prime)
The Caves of Androzani (Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Colin Baker

Vengeance on Varos (Amazon Prime)

Sylvester McCoy:

Ghost Light (Amazon Prime)
The Curse of Fenric (Netflix & Amazon Prime)

Paul McGann

The TV Movie doesn’t appear on either Netflix or Amazon Prime Streaming. If you want the Eighth Doctor, watch Human Nature/Family of Blood, The Next Doctor and The Eleventh Hour

So, not a bad selection – and certainly enough to keep you busy till, well, the weekend!


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8 Responses to Where You Can Watch Doctor Who Online

  1. avatar Bradondo says:

    Dailymotion has a huge selection of new and classic Who including the TV movie, but the quality varies as the postings aren’t “official.”

  2. avatar STLShawn says:

    If, you watched the first three or four series on BBCAmerica, and have not seen the DVD’s, you may want to catch these. The first few series were edited for time on BBCA (small bits, but completists notice). I think someone noted about two minutes missing at the time they were aired. Luckily, they stopped doing it with Matt Smith’s episodes.

    If you saw “voyage of the Damned”, you should note that BBCA cut out everything after the titanic flew above Buckingham Palace,,,, everything from Astrid’s goodbye to the farewell in the snowfall.

  3. avatar Brain of Morbius says:

    I’ve seen BBCA cut quite a bit from the longer Matt Smith episodes. In the 2011 Christmas in particular. However, I believe that it is only done in reruns. Since there are so many sites to veiw the full episodes I think it’s fine trade off.

  4. avatar Adam says:

    This needs to be updated, Warner Bros. pulled out of Netflix Instant, thus removing all Classic Doctor Who, when their deal expired in May. The current series is still up, but everything from Hartnell to McGann is gone.

    • avatar Benen Paddon says:

      Adam: I just looked at Netflix Streaming now and the classic stuff is still there. It’s all grouped under one show listed as “Classic Doctor Who”.

  5. McGann’s TV movie can be found on the UK catalogue (I typed in ‘doc’ and got it as a search result). Have to watch it soon!

  6. avatar johnnybear says:

    The Davros and The Daleks episodes are all available here in the UK but just them and nothing else! 18 episodes of Davvy!

  7. avatar Matt says:

    The Armageddon Factor is available on Amazon Prime.

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