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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Time War Daleks in 50th Anniversary! [UPDATED!]

As promised late on Sunday evening, the BBC has revealed a new image of the Daleks from the forthcoming 50th anniversary Doctor Who special!

Daleks in Doctor Who 50th anniversary special!The famous Dalek redesign from 2005 (known as the “RTD Dalek” or “Time War Dalek”) has perhaps proved to be the most iconic yet, so it seems fitting that this version of the deranged monsters from Skaro should appear, rather than their unpopular “Smartie Dalek” guise from 2010.

As the BBC excitedly announces (and who can blame them?!) the Doctors, Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt will battle the deadly Daleks in the show’s 50th anniversary special.

Returning to BBC One on 23 November the highly anticipated adventure will star: Matt Smith; Jenna Coleman; David Tennant; Billie Piper; John Hurt and Joanna Page.  In a surprise twist in the recent series finale it was revealed John Hurt would be playing a Doctor, alongside Smith and Tennant.

The Daleks are the second monster to be announced for the 50th and will join the shape shifting Zygons, which have only appeared in the show once before in 1975.

Says Steven Moffat:

The Doctor once said that you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies, so it’s fitting that for this very special episode, he should be facing the greatest enemies of all.

We’ll have more on the 50th anniversary and the trailer screened at SDCC later today…

More Dalek Images!

The BBC’s Doctor Who Twitter feed has decided to share a couple more snaps…

TIme War Daleks in Doctor Who 50th anniversary TIme War Daleks in Doctor Who 50th anniversaryMore to come? We shall see…


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12 Responses to Time War Daleks in 50th Anniversary! [UPDATED!]

  1. avatar TonyS says:

    When I read that the Doctor’s greatest enemy was returning, my mind naturally turned to the Krotons or the Quarks. You can imagine how disappointed I was.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      I know what you mean Tony, I was excitedly anticipating the return of the Bandrills only to find I’m being fobbed off with this crap!

  2. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    I won’t get too excited – this one scene could be all we see of them!

    • avatar anynomous says:

      True, maybe they’ll go “The Five Doctors” on us…still, if it’s really the Time War, we’ll probably see a lot of them.

  3. avatar authorman94 says:

    Ah no! When I heard the Doctor’s greatest enemies would be appearing, I thought Michael Grade and the Mryka were turning up! ;)

  4. avatar vortexter says:

    Amazing pictures! I love the Timewar Daleks. They look like they’ve been carved out of solid metal. I bet Davros is skulking around somewhere as well. This gets me in the mood for the 50th…

  5. avatar TonyS says:

    Just so long as they leave some room for a story in this 50th anniversary thingy of theors

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Bit mystified as to where the Zygons fit into all this! Time War Daleks and the Dark Doctor I can understand, but Zygons, Unit and Modern Day Britain… Will this be a pigs ear, I ask myself?

  6. avatar anonymous says:

    I wish they’d give them the old gray colors again. Still I’ll take this over the new dalek paradigm though!

  7. avatar Alastair says:

    I want the 2010 daleks… i love their classic design and they are just completely ignoring them. They looked even cooler in Asylum of the Daleks when they were given a darker more dirty tone but were pushed to the back with more boring bronze daleks.

    • avatar Ben Olds says:

      Daleks are not supposed to be ‘Elegant’

  8. avatar Ben Olds says:

    I really wish to see the Rani again, or the Master. c:

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