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Published on July 6th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

So What’s All This #thefourth ?

A curious video has appeared on YouTube, featuring props and quotes from the Fourth Doctor era (1974-1981) – but what’s it all about?

At present it is all something of a mystery. It probably has nothing to do with the 50th anniversary special, although there is a chance that it alludes to a feature on the upcoming Terror of the Zygons DVD.

More than likely, however, we suspect it is connected to the Doctor Who Celebration event, in which Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy will be joining Matt Smith. Will we see more trailers for the Sixth, Seventh and Eleventh Doctors? Will other Doctors be announced?

Time will tell – it always does…

(Thanks to Paddy)


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6 Responses to So What’s All This #thefourth ?

  1. avatar Zev says:

    It’s a complete Fourth Doctor DVD set due out later this year. It’s going to come with a statue and a book, and some new extras.

  2. avatar Doobledoo says:

    Or it’s just that it’s the 4th of July (was posted on the 4th), which is the US holiday, Independence Day.

    • That would make BBCWW’s choice of hashtag remarkably shortsighted, wouldn’t it…?

  3. avatar geoff says:

    Of all the sound bites they just had to use the exchange from the end of The Hand of Fear didn’t they. Excellent choice. That scene is my all time favourite from all Doctor Who, brimming with tension and unspoken emotion. Liz Sladen and Tom Baker are electric in that scene.

  4. avatar fenric42 says:

    Matt Smith mentioned that the 50th would involve paintings.

  5. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Ah, all has become clear now…

    Its just a special Boxed version of the Zygons DVD release with various extra’s like a bonus disc, book and action figure.

    Looks nice but the RRP is over £60!

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