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Published on July 12th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Moffat Talks Matt’s Last Stand

It’s an incredibly exciting time of you’re a Doctor Who fan right now. The show’s 50th anniversary has meant that we’ve had several nods to the past in 2013’s run of episodes, there’s plenty of exciting new merchandise, the fall of the Eleventh is fast approaching and the Twelfth Doctor will soon be making his on screen debut. To add to all of that, there’s going to be a proper, official, bone fide Doctor Who anniversary special on the telly for the first time in 20 years!

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But of course, you have questions. Who will be the next Doctor? What form will Matt Smith’s last ever episode take? Will Meglos finally make a return appearance?

Not all of these questions can be answered; in fact none of them can at the moment but thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we’ve got some of the choicest cuts from a recent interview with Doctor Who’s Commander-In-Chief Steven Moffat, regarding the show’s future.

On announcing the new actor to play the Doctor:

Unless we have an insane plan, we’ll announce a new Doctor within days of finalizing the new Doctor. Because it’s very, very hard to keep any kind of a secret. The last time, when we chose Matt, we had to hold over on that one, because there was a Christmas Doctor Who special called The Next Doctor for which Russell T. Davies was playing the game of pretending it was going to be David Morrissey. So we couldn’t deflate that…but I think we’ll go public pretty fast.

On the sex of the next Doctor:

I’m not going to comment at all on the direction we’re going. Sorry!

Which sounds like a typical Moffat fib! With regards to whether we’ll see an appearance from the Twelfth Doctor in 2013:

Yes. That’s not the hope — that’s the plan. It’ll be the traditional regeneration. You know, the eleventh will fall and the twelfth shall rise. And you’ll see that in the closing moments of the show. I mean, you sometimes sit and think, “Are there better ways of doing it? Is there a different way of doing it?” But quite honestly what could be better than that? It’s just too exciting.

Angels Take Manhattan GraveyardAnd planning ahead for the filming of the 2013 Christmas special, whether we’ll have Matt’s long locks of hair back in time:

We’re sprinkling fertilizer on his head as we speak. I don’t know. If you care to take a look at The Angels Take Manhattan there are a couple of scenes that Karen Gillan came back to do in the graveyard after she’d had her radical haircut and she is wearing what seems like a strategically draped otter on her head… however we effect it, the Doctor will turn up in his trademark quaff. We can’t have Matt’s last stand in the TARDIS without his proper look.

And finally, Moffat commented on leaving the coveted role of the Doctor in general:

It’s not like leaving any other part, it really isn’t. It’s sort of like abdicating [the throne] and it’s genuinely emotional, it’s upsetting. It’s an upheaval in your life. It’s something you really have to contemplate.

You can read the full interview here.


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5 Responses to Moffat Talks Matt’s Last Stand

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I love the fertilizer joke. Very droll. :P

  2. avatar Mark Lenton says:

    So Dimensions In Time is a ‘proper Official Bona fide anniversary special’ is it????!!!! :-)

  3. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    I am interested in the comments regarding the announcement of a new Doctor – the BBC have claimed it won’t be until filming starts on the special – as late as September then. This would suggest it could be anytime – today, tomorrow, whenever the casting is complete. It makes me wonder if Moffat is not laying the ground for the announcement sooner rather than later?

    I know plenty think that the part has been cast for months – I certainly believe Moffat will have had people in mind for the part (which doesn’t mean they’d accept, of course) – but he has a point here – could they keep it secret? If someone was cast in, say, April then how likely is it we wouldn’t know by now – and if the real name was leaked, the BBC would almost certainly confirm it – as they had to with MS’s departure once it was accidentally revealed in an email.

    We’ll see, I suppose.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Sorry – should read *Moffat’s comments suggest it could be anytime…*

  4. avatar TonyS says:

    I have just read a suggestion that it could be revealed at the Prom tonight

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