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Published on July 31st, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Jenna on 50th Anniversary and Matt Smith’s Departure

Doctor Who star Jenna-Louise Coleman chatted with press at the recent San Diego Comic-Con regarding the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special as well as her thoughts on Matt Smith leaving the series. Although she didn’t drop any major spoilers (we’re sure that she’s sworn to utter secrecy) Jenna did throw out a few cryptic comments that will have fans wondering just what exactly the November 23rd special will bring…

You can watch the video by Access Hollywood below, or scroll down for our summary of the key quotes…

Coleman confirmed that filming was over and that the episode was now at the editing and rendering stage:

It’s in the can and all the 3-D and effects and everything like that is taking place as we speak.

This means that if there were any surprise scenes with any other Doctors then they would have been filmed months back, around about the time that Paul McGann and a few other Doctor Who names went mysteriously quiet…

Coleman also talked about the episode’s contents and how they would be a bit of a game changer to the Doctor Who Universe:

It’s quite a transformation episode and it very much changes the direction of where the show is going in quite a big way.

This links in to her comments about the John Hurt Doctor she makes during the interview:

He is the Doctor that no one knew about. He is the Doctor that’s never talked about, not mentioned and of course were [sic] going to explore why.

We have heard Steven Moffat use the words ‘game changer’ for some of his episodes before; will this revelation about the Doctor’s past be even bigger?

Coleman also confirmed that Matt Smith’s departure had been planned for a long time and wasn’t just something that came from left field:

As I say the new Doctor isn’t yet cast and my head is — we’re just having great fun together and enjoying the time we have left…It’s a strange thing because I always knew he was gonna be leaving so it will be kind of bittersweet. But I think possibly there’s quite a bit of denial going on.

It seems that of all the rumours going around right now, the only one that seems definite is that the Twelfth Doctor is yet to be cast. Still time to place your bets…


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10 Responses to Jenna on 50th Anniversary and Matt Smith’s Departure

  1. avatar Francis Cave says:

    I think you’ll find McGann has not gone “mysteriously quiet”.

    In response to a question on Twitter as to whether he was appearing in the 50th he replied:

    “I keep hearing similar. Truth is I didn’t so much as visit their set as I was away working. Nor was I invited to.”

    We could of course go down the usual “only the messiah would say he’s not the messiah” route or accept that perhaps he is indeed telling the truth and any appearance from the 8th Doctor will either be a double in costume or re-use of TVM footage.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      When did he say this? I ask because not very long ago, in reply to a direct question re the special, he gave a cryptic and biblical quotation that could be interpreted as a “maybe – keep watching” sort of reply.

  2. avatar lozzer says:

    It was suggested on Bleeding Cool (I know they’re about as reliable as The Daily Star) that there might be a number of minisodes leading up to the 50th and that one of them might feature Paul McGann regenerating into John Hurt. I’d rather see that in the actual episode but it’s an interesting idea…

    • Oy! If it helps, we were the first to run that Matt Smith was the current Doctor, we ran the news the John Hurt was the 9th Doctor, and have generally been pretty reliable. We are the only main news site to run the news that rumours about missing episodes have been circulating around Doctor Who production. Which they have been.

      Meanwhile the Daily Star said that Michael Jackson’s daughter was to be the next Doctor.

      • avatar lozzer says:

        Haha I like you guys – I called you with some interesting news not long ago.

  3. avatar Hyncharas says:

    That interview almost sounds as though even if another Doctor is announced at Christmas, Matt won’t be leaving then; instead mid-season.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      ? Don’t see how you read that into this interview. They are hardly going to announce he’s going early when he’s going to be around for several more episodes, it just wouldn’t make sense.

  4. avatar Tino Rozzo says:

    Lets not forget

  5. avatar authorman94 says:

    Well, I am a bit sad McGann ain’t coming back since the guy is a tremendous talent, comes across a very nice bloke (probably the nicest actor to play the Doctor, next to Colin Baker) and since he’s an underdog, it would have been a nice bit of exposure for him both as an actor and as a Doctor. But hey, I’m not too gutted or surprised by this news, at least we have “The Light at the End” for McGann in a multi-Doctor team-up.

    I just hope the 50th delivers at this stage, since I really want the show to keep going for at least three more years, and hopefully both this and the Twelfth Doctor are the ticket to ensuring the show’s longevity.

  6. avatar Jan Bos says:

    We know only one thing for sure: the show is back on November 23rd.

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