4th Doctor Big Chief - feat 2

Fourth Doctor Limited Edition Figure

Clear your shelves and prepare for the plastic faces of your favourite Doctor Who characters to cast envious eyes as you shower the recently-revealed Fourth Doctor 50th Anniversary 1:6 Scale Collector Figure with the love it rightfully deserves.

Big Chief 4th Doctor

The admittedly surprised looking likeness of Tom Baker comes complete with a host of signature accessories including the iconic long scarf and idiosyncratic bag of Jelly Babies, a display base with illuminating Gallifreyan symbol & stand accessories and TARDIS control room printed card backdrop packaging.

The figure also comes with interchangeable hands, sonic screwdriver, Yo-Yo, cravat neck tie and tartan waistcoat.

The Fourth Doctor 50th Anniversary 1:6 Scale Collector Figure from Big Chief Studios is available for priority pre-order now. The Limited Edition figure will cost £169.99 and requires a deposit of £12.50 while the Signature Edition has already sold out.


Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

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