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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Andrew Reynolds

Eve Myles Wants Torchwood Return

It’s not a question of whether or not Torchwood might return, it’s a question of when and one person who’ll be there in a heartbeat is Eve Myles.

Speaking to Red Carpet TV, Eve cagily spoke about the future of the show, her love of her fans and popularity of the show during this hiatus.

So will there be any more Torchwood?

I hope it goes again. There’s a huge want for it to go again. What I can say is that when they call John and I will be there.

Encouraging signs indeed and what’s more, there remains a lot of love for the show despite its much-maligned fourth season:

With Torchwood we’ve been off air for about three years now and it’s still alive, it’s unbelievable. And if quotewe thought for one second that on that read through on the first day that it was going to be this huge global beast/phenomenon; I don’t know how we would have reacted. We had no idea this was going to happen. It’s just a big, bold, sexy, fun show that people really took into their hearts and we appreciate it more than ever.

Someone the fans took to their hearts is Gwen, whose enduring popularity Eve puts down to her everyday qualities:

I think it’s because she’s not all Teeth and…butt. She’s someone you know. Someone who struggles everyday with work life and family life and whether you’re a superhero or whether you’re saving the world when you’ve  got a full time job and family, you can relate to it…she’s a modern woman, she’s a warrior…she’s a strong iconic woman.

What do you tihink? Has the time come for a Torchwood revival?




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25 Responses to Eve Myles Wants Torchwood Return

  1. avatar Jan Bos says:

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    Or no

  3. avatar lee moone says:

    Yeah but only if they did something different with it. Set it in the Victoria Era. There were a couple of eps in season 2 I think? That were based in that period. Throw Jack & Gwen back in time. Jack will have to keep avoiding himself or else he’d end up in the perfect relationship… with his younger persona!

  4. avatar Bob James says:

    Yes! But I’d like to see a return to the format of the first two series, or at least “Children of Earth”, if they wanted to go big. That was the problem with “Miracle Day” for me, it all felt like they had fallen under the impression that it had to be BIGGER. It doesn’t, in my opinion, it just has to remain true to itself. A new series with a new team being assembled around Jack and Gwen, Cardiff based, smaller in scale, and more attentive to the kinds of stories and themes they went with in the beginning would be the ticket. Torchwood can always get better, it can always move forward and grow without sacrificing that to the “bigger is better” mentality. RTD and Julie Gardner might have wanted to get in bed with Hollywood, but Torchwood doesn’t need to. John and Carole Barrowman’s novel “Exodus Code” was better for my tastes than anything I saw in MD. That was bigger AND better, and still felt like Torchwood. And if RTD wants to involve American actors, let us see him bring them to Cardiff, to the UK, because I have seen very few things get better by going Hollywood, Torchwood worked, in my opinion, by injecting the creepy alien “other” factor into what appeared to be completely ordinary. The world at large weren’t even aware that Torchwood was saving it almost every week, and that made for some consistently engaging content.

  5. avatar Michael says:

    No. Never liked Torchwood. Besides, Barrowman has been running his mouth too much lately and hurting Doctor Who, and who needs that?

  6. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    DW was off air for 16 years and came back, so no reason why Torchwood couldn’t, however long it was absent from our screens. Having said that, maybe it’s time has been and gone, at least for now – it was part of the DW Golden Age, when RTD ruled the airwaves and we had DW striding across our screens, beating Coronation Street, Torchwood and SJA. How long ago that seems. Now we are lucky to get a handful of episodes of the parent show a year, several which don’t even make the top 20 ratings, and have a showrunner seemingly more interested in other projects than DW! Who knows though, a new Doctor might see a rebirth for the series and then perhaps Torchwood would again have a place in the DW universe?

    • avatar lee moone says:

      That was a very good observation. Take note Mr. Moffat cod that’s hoe a lot of people feel!

  7. avatar Cher Hanmer says:

    Yes please

  8. avatar Andrea Covey says:

    Bring it back, but in the old format, where each episode is it’s own story, as opposed to a miniseries focused on one gigantic plot. I enjoyed Miracle Day, but it stopped feeling like Torchwood, and more like an interesting story that happened to feature Jack and Gwen.

  9. avatar STLShawn says:

    I don’t know. I was hoping TW would be something different even when it started. They actually had me during the first season, then I kept slipping. CoE, I never re-watched it… same with Miracle day.
    Season two got dark, CoE was way too dark for my tastes (like someone smacking you with a frying pan yelling “be sad now!!!!”), and Miracle Day just drudged along.

    When i first heard “There’s going to be a Torchwood series”, I really wanted something lighter, with a good mix of drama, scary bits, and maybe a few laughs here and there. What I got was RTD unchained. Great premise, fantastic actors, bad writing and execution.

    Excitement, action, thrills and wonder turned to brooding dramatic shots and cheap ways of shocking people.

    • Love love love the image of the frying pan. Be sad now…snicker. Yeah,that’s about it.

  10. avatar maxsolanis says:

    I would love to have Torchwood back, But back to the original style. Tie ins with DW occasionally would be good, but not necessary. Maybe set 5-10 years after the events of MD, Jack finds his way back to Earth to meet up with Gwen. Gwen has been keeping track of something, and Jack becomes intrigued. Upon looking into it, realises there’s a need for TW again. New team assembly could play out over a few episodes, and go from there. That would be good.

  11. Yes

  12. I tihink someone didn’t use spell-check on their article :P

  13. avatar just me says:

    It’s dead,it’s gone even the idiot savant ( davies) stated let it stew for five or ten even 20 years
    By that time, the momentous doggiedodo will be long forgotten, so will myles and barrowman …set it in the future with brand new spanking YOUNG, HIP, kids …that the fan girls and boys can drool over and you will have a winner

  14. avatar Linda says:

    I would love to see Torchwood back on again….maybe even with the occasional Doctor Who crossover episode!

  15. avatar hola says:

    I don’t care about TW much anymore but if it would come back having Gwen isn’t necessary. I mean, people love to quote the they all die young thing… So why would she need to be in it? She’s already passed her expiration date. If they must bring her back have it in a very minimal role. have her retire to be a real wife and mother. not throw herself into danger and prove that she’s impervious to everything. that got old real fast.

  16. avatar isara says:

    No, please. I want the original cast: Jack & Ianto (together, of course), Tosh and Owen (Burn, fabulous actor). Sorry, but Gwen never was my preferred character. I like seasons 1&2. So, for me, isn´t necesary. I love Jack and Ianto. Ah, and Cardiff! Wales is great.

  17. avatar S.M. says:

    I don´t want the show returns, not lile this. This is not Torchwood. I miss the original cast and Cardiff so much…

  18. Only if it goes back to Season one and two with the team and Jack leading. Cardiff, weevils, The Hub…that was Torchwood.

  19. avatar Briod says:

    No more Gwenwood please…please…..please…….
    Let’s give us again the soul of Torchwood, as it was with series 1 and 2.
    Let’s resuscitate Ianto and bring him back to his captain.

    • avatar i.sara says:

      I ABSOLUTELY agree with that ;D

  20. avatar lisa jones says:

    Only if Ianto is with Jack, they are perfect. And John and Gareth are great together. Tha´s my Torchwood.

  21. avatar Val says:

    I don´t want Torchwood without Ianto and the original team in Cardiff. I´m really tired of G.Cooper. Never liked her. Please, don´t insist!!!!

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