Eve Myles as Torchwood's Gwen Cooper

Eve Myles Wants Torchwood Return

It’s not a question of whether or not Torchwood might return, it’s a question of when and one person who’ll be there in a heartbeat is Eve Myles.

Speaking to Red Carpet TV, Eve cagily spoke about the future of the show, her love of her fans and popularity of the show during this hiatus.

So will there be any more Torchwood?

I hope it goes again. There’s a huge want for it to go again. What I can say is that when they call John and I will be there.

Encouraging signs indeed and what’s more, there remains a lot of love for the show despite its much-maligned fourth season:

With Torchwood we’ve been off air for about three years now and it’s still alive, it’s unbelievable. And if quotewe thought for one second that on that read through on the first day that it was going to be this huge global beast/phenomenon; I don’t know how we would have reacted. We had no idea this was going to happen. It’s just a big, bold, sexy, fun show that people really took into their hearts and we appreciate it more than ever.

Someone the fans took to their hearts is Gwen, whose enduring popularity Eve puts down to her everyday qualities:

I think it’s because she’s not all Teeth and…butt. She’s someone you know. Someone who struggles everyday with work life and family life and whether you’re a superhero or whether you’re saving the world when you’ve  got a full time job and family, you can relate to it…she’s a modern woman, she’s a warrior…she’s a strong iconic woman.

What do you tihink? Has the time come for a Torchwood revival?



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