Merchandise Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman

Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman

During Doctor Who’s 50 years on television, the old Time Lord has made a lot of friends. It must be said that it’s mainly women that he travels with but he’s certainly shared time with plenty of fellas as well.

Desperately Seeking Susan Foreman

So it’s fitting that during Doctor Who’s anniversary year, author Richard Kirby has decided to chronicle his own personal mission: to obtain an autograph from every living actress that has portrayed one of the Doctor’s companions.

Not an easy task, we’re sure you’ll agree. There are some that don’t want to be found and some that finding would prove incredibly difficult to do but maybe, just maybe, Kirby has the wherewithal to pull this particular mission off.

There’s plenty for fans from all generations to enjoy here and hopefully you’re going to find out a story or two that you never knew about, all leading up to the endgame: will Richard Kirby actually find Susan Foreman?

Kasterborous editor Christian Cawley will be interviewing Richard Kirby in next week’s PodKast – don’t miss it!


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