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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Matt Says Goodbye – So Has He Already Left?

Matt Smith has sent a goodbye message to Doctor Who fans, his colleagues, crew members and Steven Moffat through the BBC’s official website. Which seems premature unless he’s already filmed his final scenes, as we’ve already suggested….

What do you think? Hair too short to recover? A finality to his Bob Dylan inspired message?


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46 Responses to Matt Says Goodbye – So Has He Already Left?

  1. avatar lozzer says:

    Yeah I think he’s done. It kind of makes sense if the Radio Times have also said the beeb will make an announcement regarding the new Doctor before filming on the xmas special this summer.

  2. It also makes sense regarding his haircut for this film role. He would have to wear a wig for shooting the Christmas special if it weren’t already filmed. Which also brings up another interesting thought…what if he regenerates near the beginning of the special?

  3. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’m thinking he’s already done his half of the regen and they’ll fill in the other half briefly this November after they cast the new Doc. Unless they already filmed the Xmas special already…..

  4. avatar Oleta says:

    It seems likely that he’s already finished, Trenzalore marks ‘The fall of the Eleventh’ after all. I’m imagining his scenes for the Christmas special (if there are any), have already been filmed and are likely related to either the regeneration, or maybe only the recap of the regeneration from the previous episode.

  5. avatar lozzer says:

    Wouldn’t it be strange and insanely brave if they had Doctor 10 witness his future self (11) regenerate into 12…? That could be interesting.

    • avatar castellanspandrel says:

      Despite my poo-pooing of the whole ‘regeneration already done’ notion, that’s certainly a weirdly fascinating idea, Lozzer.

    • avatar Tom says:

      Totally agree. Given that the Doctor may still be in his own time-line at the regeneration point, how about having all previous 10 Doctors watch 11 regenerate into 12? That would honour the past, whilst at the same time look to the future, surely?

      • avatar castellanspandrel says:

        The only problem is that 2 (or 3?) other Drs would take the focus away from the 11th Dr in his finale, and it should really be all about him.

  6. avatar Al says:

    I think you’re all stretching. First, he’s scheduled to meet Charles and Camilla at the Doctor Who set in a couple of weeks. Second, it’s been stated repeatedly that the Christmas special won’t film until the fall. Thirdly, haven’t any of you heard of an invention called a wig?

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Indeed. I read somewhere that his hair was not all his own for season six either! I think there seems a remarkable tendency for DW fans to blow up the slightest thing into wild conspiracy theories – all this is is him making a little film, on the spur of the moment probably, to say thanks – no need to start embellishing elaborate rumours about what it might or might not mean.

      • avatar lozzer says:

        Adding hair extensions and gluing a full mop of hair to an actors head are completely different things. Personally I’d rather start afresh with a new actor after the 50th now I know he’s leaving – happy either way though. And there is no reason why he couldn’t be there on a set for a royal visit just because he’s finished filming – he is still the face of the show till the new guy’s announced. The only thing that makes me think he might be in the Christmas episode is that it might a bit unfair on Matt to have to share the limelight with another Doctor in his final story…

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          William Hartnell. Nuff Said.

          • avatar lozzer says:

            Always wore a wig… it would be a bit jarring if Matt suddenly donned one – seriously.

      • I read somewhere that his hair was not all his own for season six either!

        Do you have a source for this, Lewis?

        • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

          Can’t remember where I saw it now – will see if I can find it.

          • avatar Tim says:

            His hair is a bit longer in parts of “The Wedding of River Song” I think they are extensions tho.

          • avatar Lynn Loucks says:

            In the audio commentary of The Wedding of River Song, Steven Moffat said that Matt was wearing a wig in that episode.

      • avatar Bob James says:

        And the reminder, my fellow Whovians, that both William Hartnell and Paul McGann wore wigs when they portrayed the Doctor. I just think he may be saying his goodbyes in measures, as this must be a very emotional time for him as well. He’s probably taking the time to get his head around it, because just because he made the decision to move on doesn’t mean he won’t miss it all. I know I’m going to miss him…….

  7. avatar Wayne says:

    I do think he is done….as for meeting Charles and Camilla…that might have been pre-taped quite some time ago. I just hope the person chosen to take his place (male or female)is up to the challenge of the role

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      You don’t “pre-tape” a meeting with the Heir to the Throne. They are visiting the set and will meet MS and JLC (according to reports anyway) there.

  8. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    Why would the royal family care enough to collude in this by lying about their forthcoming schedule?

    Sorry, but…

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Quite. We’re starting to slip into fantasy now…

      • avatar TonyS says:

        I agree that the suggestion that Charles & Camilla would collude in mind games takes conspiracy theory to new levels. But “starting to slip into fantasy”? It’s Doctor Who. When were we anywhere else?

    • I have no doubt that Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman will both be on set as announced. That doesn’t mean he’s still the Doctor, it means he’s meeting a couple of toffs of questionable parentage.

      (Although suggesting that members of the “royal family” are above collusion and lying is absurd… :O )

      • avatar castellanspandrel says:

        Oh, they’re certainly not above that. But lying and collusion for this? It just feels typical of the conspiracy theories and ‘Dr Who is more important than everything else’* ethos coming out of some fans’ gobs lately.

        If memory serves, the Queen’s involvement in that Bond thingy at the Olympics opening ceremony last year was kept hush-hush, but I can’t see them doing it for something as simple as a set visit, just to pretend that Matt Smith hasn’t actually filmed his last scene yet.

        It is possible, however, that Smith has filmed his last scene, but I doubt it. I think Bob James has it right. I certainly hope that we get 2 more episodes out of Smudger, as expected – I’d be sad if there was only one more to come.

        *It’s more important than most things, granted. ;0

      • People thumbed this down?

        • avatar zarbisupremo says:

          I didn’t. Viva benevolent El Presidente Cawley. ;-)

  9. Maybe I’m over analyzing this but i noticed numbers in the message Marve2lous, Cra3y (and there seemed to be an unnecessary 1 [or I] One at the bottom of one of the pages that didn’t make sense why it was there) so that makes 23/11 which is the 50th anniversary. again, maybe I’m over thinking it

    • avatar John says:

      I don’t think you are overanalyzing. Its definitely deliberate. Whether Matt has a secret message in there or not is debatable. But to me it looks like 7arve21ous. Even the “Doctor Who 2and” on the first page.

  10. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    To elaborate: whether you like the royals or not (not a fan at all, myself), the BBC would be expected to show them a fair dollop of respect – establishment, and all that.

    Bearing that in mind, can you imagine them saying to Prince Charles, “Erm, would you mind awfully lying about your schedule and pretending you haven’t done the Dr Who set visit yet, in order to maintain the pretence that Matt Smith – who, as you may know, is the outgoing incarnation of the Doctor – hasn’t filmed his last scene yet? You see, we want to surprise the fans by revealing a new Doctor earlier than expected at the end of the 50th anniversary special – which, as you may know, will be broadcast on November 23rd – or at the start of the Christmas special – which, as you may know, is on a few hours after yer mam’s speech. Can we pre-film it and then get you to pretend you’re doing it in July, and ask you to keep schtum about it? And while you’re at it, I don’t suppose you’ve got a copy of The Moonbase part one stashed away at the palace?”

    I’d hazard a ‘no’, but if I’m wrong, I’ll eat Prince Charles.

    • I think any suggestion that the meeting/royal visit is pre-recorded is nonsense.

      (Having said that, I recall reading a barmy blog post about by a girl describing two Roman guards and David Tennant announcing he was quitting Doctor Who and asking the girl to keep it quiet some months before it actually happened. Spent most of the night it was aired trying to find it again. Never did. ho hum.)

      But let’s look at the facts:
      1. Matt Smith has quit Doctor Who.
      2. He’s had his hair shaved off.
      3. He’s previously said that the first thing he will do when he quits Doctor Who is shave all his hair off.
      4. His involvement in Series 8 has gone from “appearing” to “Christmas special”
      5. In 2012 he said he has “another year”
      6. He’s made the video above, somewhat prematurely given he will surely be involved in 50th anniversary promotion etc.

      Oh and there’s this:

      According to the BBCs Official Doctor Who site, Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor will make his final appearance in a special Christmas episode.

      No one needs to crack open The Christmas Invasion to know that didn’t happen.


      Now, I’m not saying he has quit. But BBC official line aside, there is more to suggest that he’s already filmed his last scenes than not. After all, The final scene of The Name of the Doctor was filmed alongside the 50th anniversary episode.

  11. avatar TonyS says:

    Mow there’s a thought. 90 episodes of Doctor Who miraculously returned by Buckingham Palace

    • avatar zarbisupremo says:

      Maybe they found them in the basement of Windsor Castle, where they kept the Nemesis Statue’s bow.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        I do believe that you are onto something. Now THERE is a level of collusion and whatever-that-other-word-was (can’t be bothered to scroll up) that I can buy into.

  12. avatar castellanspandrel says:

    Maybe that’s why they’re doing the set visit, Tone. Let’s get this rumour out there!

  13. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    All I can say is what the flip is going on?

  14. avatar vortexter says:

    The left leg isn’t telling the right leg what’s going on Mugen. Matt almost certainly will leave in the anniversary ep but the official story of Matts departure which is agreed by the production team is not being adhered to.

    The Moff: ‘So we’re agreed then Matt, you’ll announce your on for series 8 and keep the surprise for us wont you?’

    Matt: ‘Sure Steven. Your the boss.’ (fingers crossed behind his back).

  15. avatar Geoff says:

    Its just possible he might be in the Christmas special but with short hair! Although it’s only a small detail I think that would be a shame though. Call me shallow but I wouldn’t have liked it if Tom Baker hadn’t had his traditional look (I’d have preferred sans question marks!) when he regenerated and I feel the same about Matts hair.

    On the flip side I’ve always wanted to see a Doctor get properly brutalised and smashed up in the events leading up to his regeneration. 5 and 10 both did to some extent but not enough for my tastes ( I don’t mean full on Saward style bloody pulped hands etc) but I think some more physical distress could add to the drama and emphasis the nessesity of the regeneration. Cropping off the Doctord trade mark locks for some reason could therefore be used for dramatic effect.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      I kind of agree with you, Geoff. Perhaps Matt should do the proverbial walk through fire and come out battered with his dignity still intact, and then boom! Regeneration!

      • avatar Geoff says:

        That’s exactly the kind of thing I meant. You put in two sentences what took me a whole paragraph!

        • avatar castellanspandrel says:

          In relation to Geoff’s and TC’s point, I’ve always found it a a little curious how, after the 10th Dr had his face cut and bloodied after diving through the Naysmith mansion skylight, that RTD felt it necessary to remove the damage via the ‘start’ of the regeneration process. It was as though he thought “We’ve got to have him looking handsome and dignified for the last 20 minutes, before he goes.”

          He didn’t even look off-colour when he went to Donna’s wedding; he only really appeared damaged after he spoke to Rose and saw Ood Sigma.

          I’d like to see the old codger looking properly worse for wear this time before he pops his current clogs and puts some new ones on.

          • avatar castellanspandrel says:

            … I mean, of course, ‘off colour’ due to the radiation intake from that booth.

  16. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Just because he recorded a fun little farewell to the fans doesn’t mean that he’s offically done with it. But then again, If he’s actually regenerating in the anniversary special, or right at the beginning of the Christmas special, then they might have filmed that bit already. BUT THEN AGAIN, that brings us to the liklihood they HAVE cast the new Doctor, and all this about the searching being ongoing is nothing but a bluff.

    See how easy they make it for us to believe its all a conspiracy? :P

  17. avatar Ian says:

    I don’t believe he has left already or finished his final scenes. Remember when it was announced he was leaving the BBC said Matt would be doing a video. If he has left already then the Christmas special has been filmed entirely in the studio, something I doubt.

    • They also said Christopher Eccleston would be in the 2005 Christmas special… see my list of points above.

  18. avatar Pocketwatch says:

    Hmmm, intriguing. I am now sort of hoping that Matt goes out in style in the 50th anniversary special.

    Does Matt’s nod to “Love, Actually” mean that Andrew Lincoln is the 12th Doctor? ;) (I don’t watch The Waking Dead but assume he wouldn’t be available!)

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