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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Theatre Trailer Released?

Looking forward to the 50th anniversary but frustrated by the lack of photos, the lack of coverage, the lack of a trailer? Sit back, crank up the quality settings and find your 3D glasses to enjoy this rather remarkable piece of video, featuring Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt.

Is it official? Did a fan make it? We don’t know. We have our suspicions…

(With thanks to Frank!)

Update: Fake Spotter’s Guide

Still think it’s real? This collection of references should put you at ease, courtesy of YouTube commenter Finlay Hamilton Sardesai

0.10: This shot of David Tennant’s is used on the Specials box set, it’s just been made to look like it’s moving.

0.14: Matt’s shot is from Hide, the face is CGi ed. Tennant’s shot is from Series 4.

0.25: Filming videos.

0.28: Photograph and CGI knight.

0.29: A shot from one of John’s other acting projects?

0.32: Shot from The End of Time. The buildings are CGI.

0.35: Shot of Eleven from The Rings of Akhatan flipped, you cab tell due to the hair. The face once again is CGI and stick and the hands.

0.36: The TARDIS shot could have come from any episode with fire and explosions added in.

0.37: Clara shot from filming photos/ videos.

0.38: Hand could have come form any show or just really good CGI.

0.38: Rose shot could have from any Bille acting projects.

0.39: TARDIS is form a Series 5 promotional picture. I know the exact one it is. The fire is just added as is the background.

0.50: Shot from Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

But flipping ‘eck, it gets you right in the mood regardless, doesn’t it?


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23 Responses to Doctor Who 3D 50th Anniversary Theatre Trailer Released?

  1. avatar Bridget says:

    looks real to me

  2. avatar Gary Davison says:

    well,if it *ISN’T* real,’the beeb need to hire whoever did made it!

  3. avatar Josh says:

    It isn’t real, it’s fan made. If you put it on 1080p, you can tell the voice synchronization with Eleven is off. But this shouldn’t ruin watching it, it is amazingly well done, and I love it!

  4. Hmm. Looks very professional, but some of the soundbites sound as though they could have been snipped from elsewhere. And little things like DT’s hair and even the logo atvthe end…I don’t think it’s real. Very good, though.:)

  5. avatar Pocketwatch says:

    I agree it is very good. If it is real, I reckon we are not supposed to be seeing it yet. If it is fake, I fear the real trailer has a lot to live up to in due course.

  6. avatar Spider-pope says:

    I was under the impression it was fake. However the BBC needs to find out who made it and hire them immediately if it is.

  7. avatar Kelly Cochran Davis says:

    I wonder if they would release it in the US in select theaters? Please, oh please?!?

    Very impressive. 5 months of excitement might give me an ulcer! :-P

    • avatar Mandy says:

      If you’re anywhere near Dallas, TX, keep an eye on the Angelika Dallas theater, they screened a Doctor Who episode not too long ago.

      • avatar joesiegler says:

        I live in Dallas. When was that, Mandy?

  8. avatar Pocketwatch says:

    I have just watched it again and one of the shots (of the hand reaching out) would begin to explain Matt’s comments about paintings.

  9. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Bloomin heck, if this a fake then the real one will need to up its game when it appears. It works because it is kept simple with a very creepy part leading up to a photo of Rose. The guy who did this is very talented.

  10. avatar TonyS says:

    According to Whonews on Twitter it is a fake. But it’s one of the best fakes I’ve seen. It rivals the “Daleks vs Mechons” trailer that has been on You Tube for a while.

  11. avatar James Cresswell says:

    I have watched this time and again, and I still can’t make my mind up. Yes there are certain bits that points to it being iffy. However, the spotters guide you have up there doesn’t really prove anything, be it fake or real.
    The BBC may have spliced things in there from previous episodes, just to make it look good. Not as if they haven’t done so before.
    Plus the points about Rose and ‘The Hand’ all it say’s is they could have come from anything. Well yes they could, the 50th perhaps?
    Who knows. Anyway regardless of whether it’s fake or not, it will certainly drum up interest for the 50th. And if it is fake, then the BBC ought to bring something out right now to trump it.

    • avatar Lady A says:

      When have they made official trailer using just shots from old episodes before?

  12. avatar Esterath says:

    Ooh! There’s my YouTube breakdown! Thanks for using it! :)

    • Thanks for taking the time to break it down!

      • avatar esterath13 says:


  13. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    Very impressive, part of me thinks it is a fake, but the explosion in the new control room, the burning TARDIS and the two Doctors facing each other all look genuine. Still it wets the appetite.
    I’m sure a genuine trailer would be on the official website and it’s not.

  14. avatar Al says:

    All I’m seeing is black screen with audio. I tried watching this on YouTube and the only thing that shows up is the BBC logo in the corner. I thought maybe my Flash playback was affected by an update I did last night, but other videos play fine…

    • I had a similar problem until I viewed it in Chrome. Not sure why.

  15. avatar vortexter says:

    If its a fake then can the forger put McGann and the other seven Doctors in as well please and we’ll all be happy bunnys!

  16. avatar Wez says:

    That was so good, I desperately wanted it to be the real deal.

    Cracking good effort.

  17. avatar joesiegler says:

    Updated fake – with more of an emphasis on classic series. :)

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