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Published on June 15th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Daleks’ Master Plan 3: Day of Armageddon

It’s here – the third installment of our adaptation of the Terry Nation classic The Daleks’ Master Plan, expertly scripted and illustrated by Rick Lundeen!

The Doctor’s discovery of Daleks on Kembel leads him to take drastic action – going undercover to discover the extent of his enemy’s audacious plan to conquer Earth…

If you want to download and read at your own pace, the PDF is available free from the Kasterborous Store. CBR and CBZ versions will follow.


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3 Responses to Daleks’ Master Plan 3: Day of Armageddon

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Side note: I must confess that this episode is *one* of my favorites of the whole story. I think this was maybe the most suspenseful chapter in the early going and I got to play with the SFX budget a bit more. The poor lads at the Beeb were forced to do the best they could with the miniature city on Kembel. They still ended up doing an admirable job but I had the advantage of much more freedom. I also got to show more of Zephon. Originally, not much was shown of him except something rather “spongey” extending from his sleeves.

    • You’ve given it even greater scale than the ambition of the original 12-parter – fantastic work, a real joy to read and drool over!!

  2. avatar Francesco says:

    Great as always! But isn’t it available in CBR, this time?

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