Merchandise Masterpiece Collection Eighth Doctor Who Bust

Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Awesome 8th Doctor Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust

They’ve finally given him his own bust…and it’s about time!

Masterpiece Collection Eighth Doctor Who Bust

Fans of the recent Doctor Who Maxi Busts that have been released will surely want to get their hands on one of these, a limited edition 8 inch bust of the Eighth Doctor, in all his romantic glory.

As one of the most criminally overlooked Doctors who barely got a chance to shine on the television, it’s fantastic to see Paul McGann’s incarnation celebrated so wonderfully in time for the 50th anniversary.

The frock coat, the floppy hair, the waistcoat and even the fob watch (warning: may contain a Time Lord consciousness) form part of this very special release to stand alongside the First, Fourth, Fifth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor busts that you may already have.

But you’ll need to start saving your pennies (or hope that you have a birthday coming up soon) as all this quality means that the Eighth Doctor bust will set you back £49.99, that is however 10 pounds cheaper than the RRP so Forbidden Planet, we thank you once again.

The item is on pre-order now and will be released next month on 15th July. If you can just wait a little longer, the Eighth Doctor will soon be making your mantle piece look resplendent.

Masterpiece Collection Eighth Doctor Who Bust

Pre-order your bust from Forbidden Planet today!


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3 Responses to Awesome 8th Doctor Masterpiece Collection Maxi Bust

  1. avatar gwylock1 says:


  2. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Even at £10 below RRP I could not offord this and the others. Marvellous work and attention to detail though and surely worth the pennies if you can offord to spend them! Even though I couldn’t buy one I’d love to see a bust of the 6th Doctor. Surely the 2nd most criminally overlooked Doctors.

  3. avatar Bob James says:

    I was going to purchase this, but like Big Chief 1.6 scale action figures, the high price is a very real issue. These are collectibles for rich people. And seeing as how Character Options has crapped on any Series 7 or future Doctor lines, that leaves CO’s Classic line (which will remain in 5″ scale) as the only affordable quality action figures. BiffBangPow! has some interesting 8″ action figures coming later this summer, and those might be within budget too. Their upcoming First Doctor figure looks nice.

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