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Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

Are All Bets Off On the Twelfth Doctor?

Week Two of the Twelfth Doctor casting rumours commences and, if Sunday papers are to be believed, actor Rory Kinnear is the favourite to take the role.


Kinnear, who plays Bill Tanner in the James Bond films Quantum of Solace and Skyfall had his odds as favourite slashed from 5-1 to 2-1 at Ladbrokes amid claims that the BBC has asked him to take over in the TARDIS at the end of the year.

So much so that all major bookies have stopped taking bets.

But let’s not listen to that rumour because, quite frankly, it appears to be rot. Surely a more reliable source might be a friend of Kinnear’s, Liz Buckley, who has stated on Twitter the rumours are 100% false – and that the actor them stopped.

Perhaps we should just accept that the Twelfth Doctor is still just an idea at this stage. The likelihood of an actor being cast in the part so soon after Matt Smith’s announcement perhaps seems a little far-fetched. Steven Moffat and his gang will surely be taking their time to find the perfect actor to fit the bill and not just getting the first famous face that they can pull out from their overly large file of names they keep on record.

Any casting claims should of course be taken with a large dose of salt until they come from the BBC.

(Via Bleeding Cool)


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30 Responses to Are All Bets Off On the Twelfth Doctor?

  1. avatar vortexter says:

    I don’t think its him. He sounds as if he’s distancing himself from the role. I imagine there are two roles most actors would dream of and that’s the Doctor and James Bond and he just doesn’t want to be the Doctor.

  2. The Beeb has already refuted the Telegraph story.

  3. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    It’s always difficult to tell in these situations. Actors have actively lied before when this stuff comes up simply because they sometimes are either sworn to secrecy or sign NDA’s and blab at the risk of legal trouble.

  4. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:


  5. avatar vortexter says:

    “Only the true Messiah say’s he isn’t!” He’s linked to it now until the real 12th Doctor steps forward. I wonder if he’s been harassed by fans over the deli counter in Tesco’s yet?

  6. avatar dr jon says:

    Its to soon after matt said he was leaving to get an actor that quick. Even if matt had said to moffat he was going a few weeks before it was let out to the public. The bbc will like to make sure they have the right actor for the job and will not rush into it. I think they will pick some one who is? a great actor but not to well known in the public eye,so the actor can make the part their own,a bit like matt smith was cast. We may even get an older dra in their 40safter matt being the youngest they may want another twist to the part.

    • avatar Sanb says:

      Matt has been giving rumblings for over a year that he was leaving. When hype for the 50th started up, his rumblings about leaving stopped. I am sure he either decided staying for the 50th was a good idea, or someone convinced him of that. So to say he just announced it, or Moffatt just found out, is really off the mark a bit. I am not surprised to see him go at the 50th. Remember DT was chosen for the 10th doctor long before Eccelston’s first episode aired. But it comes down to either the new Doctor is chosen or he isn’t. When they are ready to tell us they will.

  7. avatar Andrew G. Dick says:

    They’ve got plenty of time to cast, and don’t even need to film the regeneration scene until as late as November. They would be better to keep it as secret as long as possible, especially as some people will think John Hurt will be the 12th.

  8. avatar TimeChaser says:

    He says he hasn’t been asked and doesn’t want it. SO DROP IT NOW, PAPERS! And I still think it could be possible that they have it cast. Perhaps not, but everyone forgets that Matt was cast weeks, possibly a month or two before he was announced. He knew he had the part but he had to keep mum about it. If Matt had intended to leave this year all along, I don’t doubt they would have started the casting process some time ago.

    I just really hope they announce it sooner than later. This is all getting a bit annoying.

  9. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Once Smith let the powers that be know he was leaving, the search started at that moment. There is no way in the world that the Moff or the Beeb would sit still on casting. Moffat may have already had someone in mind for a while now and simple audition could have confirmed it months ago but there’s no way they’d leave it to chance on timing. I still want it to be a surprise come Christmas. Don’t announce it. Keep it a surprise and get the biggest viewing numbers in history.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      In all liklihood, they would have to announce it before Christmas. Someone will leak it, or someone will get shots of the filming with the new actor, and it will get out anyway. I’d much rather know and be prepared like when Matt was announced almost a whole year before his first actual appearance. It won’t be as long as that this time, but better to get it out of the way. They have never in the past, classic series and new, cast someone then not done a lot of press about it. I don’t think they’ll start now.

  10. avatar Geoff says:

    I would bet my house that it’s not Mr Kinnear, just like in the 80s I just knew it wasn’t going to be Brian Blessed every time a new search for the Doctor was announced. Like someone else said above I get tired of all this crap lazy journalism every time: oooh , Ron Moody (1974) oooooh Joanna Lumley (1983-2003) oooooh Paterson Joseph (2009) wrong every time. If you look at the track record each Doctor has been a leftfield choice and I expect the same again. And the show has been and will be all the better for it.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Actually, not that lazy – Moody was asked in 1974 (and 1969) and turned it down, and Patterson Joseph auditioned for it in 2010 – and was very close to being cast at the time. Granted, however, that neither Blessed nor Lumley have ever been seriously considered for the part!

  11. avatar Geoff says:

    I’m on a roll now! The other thing that gets me is when the press start talking about people who aren’t even actors just because they perceive them as being the right sort of “personality”. It’s just insulting to the intelligence! Paul Daniels, David Dickinson etc. They are NEVER going to be the fu@king Doctor! Just stop it!

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      This is indeed very poor journalism (can you even use that term?) – while it is one thing to suggest a female Doctor, it’s quite another to say that Billie Piper or Paris Jackson are in the running – it says an awful lot about what these papers think of DW viewers and their readers in general.

  12. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I’m with you Geoff. That’s the most annoying thing about all the betting in the press. Most of the potential names are probably off the mark anyway, but then they just get bizarre with suggestions like Billie Piper, David Tennant (again), Jason Statham, etc.

    • avatar Lewis Seymour says:

      Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Statham Doctor…

      • I’d hate it. He’s a dreadful actor!

  13. avatar David F says:

    I think Moffat’s made a rod for his own back, by encouraging a culture of spoiler-protection. It’s made half of fandom constantly cynical about every official statement. I’ve yet to see any reason to disbelieve what he and the BBC have been saying. That they’re just beginning the search for a Doctor and it will take some time. Moffat would have known this was coming and built the audition process into his summer schedule, between production ceasing on the November special and filming beginning on the Christmas special. Makes perfect sense. But people are determined to believe it must be a lie.

  14. avatar Andrew G. Dick says:

    Putting a bet on casting a new Doctor is probably the most wasted bet ever. The bookies and press never get it right. The 12 Doc is probably some out of work thespian going on drinking binges in the lake district, smoking camberwell carrots and getting indecent proposals from his pals’ uncle.

    • Ah we can hope, Andrew, but sadly he has already played Dr Simeon…

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Or the person next to him

  15. avatar Geoff says:

    On the Withnail topic, Both Withnail and I have played the Doctor now, Uncle Monty was also once seriously in the frame. If only Michael Elphic was still alive he could be 12!

  16. One thing that the papers still have, unfortunately, is a certain proportion of their readership who don’t critically examine their claims. Papers these days have two priorities that come above “telling factual and informative news”. Far more important is “fill space” and “deliver readers to advertisers”.

    They will do all they can to fill space and get readers. Doctor Who is still a fairly high-profile show and the casting of a new Doctor is a gold-mine of content generation. Therefore, we have wall-to-wall Who speculation. And barring the occasional leak from the BBC, all the papers are capable of is speculation. Despite what some say, Moffat still runs a pretty tight ship, something I’m grateful for.

    After a paper (the Sun being the worst offender) runs a story, it generates endless blog-posts and Twitter comments for a few days, driving traffic to their webpage. The content of the story is almost irrelevant, people only read the headline and first couple of paragraphs anyway – the traffic is the important thing. They just want to get people to look at the enticing adverts at their site.

    The Mail is the master of this – they’ll run a almost-certainly bogus story (usually a regurgitated PR release) claiming Random Object A causes cancer, concerned readers run to their site, something distracts them and the story then settles in the background noise of “stuff to be afraid of”. Then a few weeks later they run a similar story which may well completely contradict the earlier story, but the cycle of traffic starts all over again. And nobody remembers the original story. Then, somewhere down the line, when the actual science comes in to either comfirm Random Object A either causes / cures cancer, the Mail can then run ANOTHER story saying, “We were right!”

    They are no better than stage psychics, employing the same tricks – readers remember the hits and forget the misses. The Sun can make loads of claims about the 12th Doctor, running endless stories about the most likely actors and it is just flinging mud at a wall. Eventually they’ll guess correctly and will run another story saying, “Hey everyone, we got it right!”, naturally forgetting to mention all the times they were wrong.

    So, the next time after reading a newspaper article about the casting of the 12th Doctor, even from a supposedly respectable paper like the Telegraph, just remember these handy tips:

    1. A “source close to the production” = “the writer of the article”. Journalists like to claim they’re protecting their sources, but it’s more often than not, they’re just inventing a source. It’s just about a TV show – who’s going to check?

    2. “Well, the Sun are usually right 50% of the time, remember when they said Freema was quitting”. That means they’re WRONG 50% of the time. Stage psychics use this trick too – it’s the very definition of “remember the hits and forget the misses”.

    Papers aren’t only like psychics – they’re trolls. But unlike most trolls, they get paid.

  17. avatar Justin says:

    I’m sorry but he has been cast. when Tennant signed up he more or less agreed when and how he was going at the same time. television schedules are agreed way in advance and actors are booked in advance as well. Smith didn’t just say a few weeks ago “I’m off now”, he will have told them ages ago, the new doctor will have been cast as they will need to commit to such a long filming schedule long in advance. as an earlier post said, moffatt has put himself into a corner, I find many of his statements in regards to “I don’t know” an insult to my intelligence. they are cast, suspect it is kinnear and they are trying to cling on to the announcement a bit longer. if it’s not him why not just come out and say “the new doctor is not kinnear” rather than “we are still searching etc”. just announce it and let’s move on. we knew tennant was the incoming dr, didn’t ruin anything

  18. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Regardless of the truth of the Kinnear story – and only time will tell – I should think the BBC are really happy about this state of affairs. At no cost to themselves, and with minimal effort, they are gaining worldwide publicity for DW, keeping the show in the media spotlight without doing more than making the odd Twitter comment. Even if they have cast the Doctor, I would not be surprised if they keep this up until Christmas!

  19. avatar allonfob says:

    I do worry that all this cloak and dagger will drag the ratings down even further – possibly to point of midweek scheduling (or as we know it to be – cancellation). Throughout the Moff period, DW has lost viewers while Strictly come dancing has gained for Christ sake! – so something is obviously not quite right.

    In today’s world of instant social media, the secret twist is just not going to work. In the soaps, the storylines are announced way in advance, and endless photo features appear in the TV mags – result is even higher figures.

    This is what happens when a geek is given the job of running a prime time TV show, he may be so engrossed in his own little world, that the wider world (or viewing puplic) may just become bored and reach for the tv remote.

    enough moaning for now – I love DW!!!!

  20. avatar arlene1999 says:

    Of course Moffit knew Smith was leaving, Arthur, Karen, and Alex all said it was no surprise, I think he was going to leave when the Ponds were, but got talked into staying to go along with the story line for the 50th show. And yes they have someone in mind and I am sure under contract already, because they have to plan everything well in advance and the actor has to clear his schedule and they will have to start filming in Nov. or Dec. for release in August. Also they will have to start filming the Christmas special in the next month or so, just like hey did all the rest. So just tell us and get all the bullshit out of the way.

  21. avatar Lewis Seymour says:

    Domhnall Gleeson has responded to the claim by “Bleeding Cool” linking him with the part:

    Gleeson told RTÉ TEN: “There’s nothing to [it].I heard about it from my agent [who] sent me a website, [and was] laughing about the fact that people were saying that I was being talked about. I was like, ‘That’s lovely: my own agent is laughing at the idea!’.”

    He continued: “So, it’s not true and there’s nothing you can do about people just spouting a whole load of ***** on the Internet!

    “It’s a great series; Matt Smith’s a fantastic actor. [Former Doctors] David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston – all the guys are amazing. So it was a lovely thought, but it’s not true.”

  22. avatar Dalyn Reece says:

    If you heard Hurts statement (if he wasn’t lying) that all doctors past 8 shifted up a # because he was the real 9 the one they forgot. the 12th would technically be Matt.

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