A Full Season for Series Eight?

While on the one hand we’ve been pre-occupied by the surprising news that Matt Smith is to leave during this year’s Christmas special, on the other we have rumours about what form Series Eight is going to take.

Matt The End of Time

Amongst the fully deserved outpouring for the departing Doctor was a quick line in the original piece released before the embargo by Bleeding Cool stating that:

“They’ll also be announcing how many new episodes we’ll get, and it won’t be one of those cut-in-two seasons like we’ve just been through. In fact, we’ve heard talk that it’s going to run right up to a finale that is also the Christmas special.”

At the moment, it’s pure speculation but the prospect of a full Doctor Who series that runs through the autumn months is an enticing one and it would appear that the BBC have listened to criticism of the split series format.

Daily Mail

However, it will also mean that there’s a substantial wait between the Twelfth Doctor’s first appearance this yuletide and his first adventure later the following year – admittedly, it’s a small price to pay for an extended run of episodes and is no different to the downtime between the split seasons.

So are you happy with a potential return to the old format? Where you a fan of the split season format? Should the Christmas finale serve as the finale or should it be a stand-alone episode?

Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

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