Will Police Boxes Return to Britain’s Streets?

A Conservative think-tank plans to travel back into the past and resurrect the idea of TARDIS style police boxes on every street corner.


No, policewomen don’t usually look this good, do they?

The report, mooted by Policy Exchange, says the new boxes would be ‘technologically enabled police contact points’ with ‘two-way audio-visual technology’ so that members of the public could report crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as make witness statements without having to visit a police station.

In fact, those very same police stations would be closed down and replaced in order to fund the new ‘locally-embedded police offices and services’.

Max Chambers, from Policy Exchange, said:

A new, modern version of the TARDIS police box might not be able to travel through time, but it would certainly bring the police into the future, allowing us to close outdated and expensive police stations, increase public access to the police and offer a more convenient service to the public.

While a fanciful notion, there are concerns to go with that convenient; just what exactly are the ‘offices and services’ that will be provided? While there will be an increased presence on the street, what does that mean for actual manpower? And would you feel comfortable providing a witness statement outside of a police station?

So are the police boxes a romantic, practical solution or nothing more than cost-cutting vandal magnets?

(via The Mirror)

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