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Published on May 29th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

The Name of the Doctor Reaction

We’re finally there – the roundup to reaction and reviews for the finale of Doctor Who Series 7, The Name of the Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor

We’ll start with the overnight audience figures, which show that 5.46 million people (we will be taking a look at the figures for the entire run soon) tuned in on the night to avoid being spoilered when the Internet erupted soon after (an eruption that resulted in Kasterborous’ best ever views total and contributed to a massive month for us!). Remember that overnight figures are largely meaningless to us, but give naysayers and the gutter press something to poke Doctor Who with. Knowledge is power, etc.

Our Name of the Doctor poll launched immediately after broadcast. With an immense response of 836 votes, 79.07% (661 votes) regarded the finale as “Fantastic!”, 14.59% (122 votes) as “Not bad” and 6.34% (53 votes) as “Meh.” Hitting the 80% area figure often seems to indicate a popular episode, as we shall see in our Series 7 reaction round up next week.

So, to the reviews! As with Nightmare in Silver we’re going to stick to the YouTube reviews – reaction from real people and not the self-interested metropolitan elite.

First, here’s Paul Verhoeven:

Next, RichandSpace (plus awesome sideburns):

To finish, as we were so impressed with her Nightmare in Silver review, here’s Lippmannette again!

The Kasterborous podKast with a K naturally spent some time on The Name of the Doctor, with myself and James McLean chatting about the episode and its implications for nearly an hour.

As to our own review – well, you’ll be here tomorrow, right?


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3 Responses to The Name of the Doctor Reaction

  1. avatar GlassworX says:

    Thank you for this.Its fun to see some positive constructive criticism for a change.

  2. avatar Al says:

    Looking at some of the reviews (not these, but other ones found through Google) it was amusing to see the “uninitiated” talking about how they expected to learn the Doctor’s name, not realizing that it’s the First Commandment of Doctor Who that we are not to ever learn it. The title, of course, refers to something else entirely. All Moffat promised was that we were going to learn the Doctor’s greatest secret – and I think the revelation at the end qualifies. The question “Doctor who?” doesn’t necessarily refer to a name. Brilliant episode all-around.

  3. avatar dr jon says:

    Best episode since xmas 2012, moffat was back on form and I hope his dr who 50th is even better. The story was well paced and full of good line’s,the ending was spot on and left me wanting more who. The name of the doctor is just what the programme needed well done mr moffat.

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