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Published on May 14th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

The Name of the Doctor DVD Leak Latest

So, has anyone seen a leaked copy of The Name of the Doctor yet? As things stand, we’re doubtful that any of the lucky BBC America Shop customers have been cruel enough to upload rips of the DVD or Blu-ray copies of the episode from their Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 boxset!

However, this doesn’t mean that files purporting to be the Doctor Who Series 7 finale aren’t in circulation.

Doctor Who Series 7 finale The Name of the Doctor

The current status is that the file doesn’t appear to be on any public torrent trackers; nor is it listed on Usenet. However, there have been notices on Twitter and Tumblr that are claiming to the The Name of the Doctor but are actually fake files, possibly loaded with malware (for instance, one such file is labelled gnfos.avi, the file name apparently standing for “Gay N***ers from Outer Space” which is apparently a Danish 1992 blaxploitation satire. You live and learn…).

Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by links to YouTube claiming to be uploads of The Name of the Doctor. Of those we’re aware of, these are nothing more than Rickrollin’ efforts. Rick Astley, we salute you.

Is It All a Cynical Buzz-building Exercise?

The cynical among you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Is this leak genuine? Could it have been avoided?

And isn’t it all a little bit convenient in a series of Doctor Who with low overnight ratings for the finale to be leaked in such a way that the majority of viewers can’t (so it would seem) get to see it?

After all, Doctor Who websites (and sections of the media) have been talking about little else since Sunday. Could it be that we’re all being taken for a ride, ensnared in a plot to bring the Series 7 finale to the public attention?


The same question was asked back in 2005 when Rose was leaked online several days before broadcast thanks to a CBC employee or contractor. In this case, the leak was genuine (insofar as it appeared online, albeit incomplete) and arguably helped to create some buzz about the revived series.

Cynical marketing ploy or not, the fact remains that any download could mean danger to your data and privacy. We’re only four days from the event now, so our advice is to keep buggering on.


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32 Responses to The Name of the Doctor DVD Leak Latest

  1. Thanks for alluding to my blog post! I am glad that most have appreciated the joke rather than getting angry! :-)

    • I hate to be the bearer of crushing bad news, but I was unaware of your blog post :)

      • Not crushing at all – I didn’t think that my sense of humor was unique among Whovians! :-)

  2. You know, I was kind of wondering the same thing: did this really happen? And if it did, why hasn’t anyone put it online? It doesn’t quite add up. I’m not looking at this cynically, but I’m really beginning to think this has just been a marketing exercise to get everyone excited for the finalé. If so, it worked.

    • I think someone even posted a shot of their TV screen showing the opening titles…..
      Looked real…

  3. avatar joesiegler says:

    I have some independent proof that it’s real. But I can’t tell you how I know that.

    • avatar Alasdair Shaw says:

      Hmmmm. Would you tell a fellow contributor in private?

      Hint hint….

    • avatar Mark Lenton says:

      Why? What would be compromised?

    • avatar Asteroids says:

      Then the proof might as well not exist.

  4. I find it very funny that these conspiracies are going around like wildfire. It seems as though people cannot accept the fact that it’s a legitimate mistake by BBC America, unless I or someone else chooses to leak the video, which I honestly don’t think we should. As far as I am aware, I was the only one with a copy on Saturday and Sunday, but as US post resumed yesterday, more Americans got their copies in the mail. This led to the brunt of the conspiracy and jealousy and hatred to be vented in my direction. It wasn’t unbearable, truthfully, and a lot of the time it was very funny, but now it’s getting a little exhausting.

    The full episode synopsis IS online for the world to read currently (including the big reveal), so if you wish to spoil yourselves go for it. But in all honesty I understand the gravity of the big reveal and the shock value it conveyed on me once I understood what the possible repurcussions were, and to deny that shock value to others by posting spoilers is a serious disservice to fans and the show alike. It’s like: imagine you were back in 1980, waiting in line to see the Empire Strikes Back. Suddenly some idiot leaves the theater and yells “Vader is Luke’s father!!” Sure, the movie is still good, and that scene especially is still great, but nobody should be denied the inherrent shock value that the revelation demands. The difference is that in 1980, Star Wars was only 3 years old, and Doctor Who is going on 50. Yes, it’s THAT kind of spoiler. Do yourselves a favor and wait for it.

    And most are under the impression that by uploading it, I’d be doing the Who community a favor. False. How quickly after the fact will gifs be available on Tumblr? Confirmed episode synopis on websites? It’s not fair to the production team, who’ve kept this quiet for so long. I love your website, and I’m still in awe at the fact that I, some 21 year old kid Who’s been a big fan of the series for no more than two years, has made these ripples within the Doctor Who community, seemingly single-handedly, but SERIOUSLY I am not some publicity stunt. But if this turns out to work in the BBC’s favor FANTASTIC I say. I love this show, and want to see it going strong for years to come.

    • I think you’ve misunderstood the second portion of the article, untempered_schism.

      Nowhere have we said “this person is lying”. What we have said is: “people are viewing it cynically”.

      (Incidentally, I saw Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars in a double bill feature at my local cinema in 1980/81. The thing about cinemas in those days is that very few had multiple screens, and those that did didn’t screen the same movie simultaneously ;) )

      • Ahh you see, now I personally am way too young to know that. But interesting. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say however.

        • Oh yes. I was just being flippant ;)

          I wish I was too young to remember. I was four at the time, and I think my dad wanted to see the movies more than I did ;)

    • avatar Robin says:

      Untempered Schism – Whether you’re a BBC employee (nah), someone who forged all the packaging and blu-ray content (possibly, though your video on tumblr suggests otherwise) or seemingly the only early recipient of the disk set, I commend you for stirring up a whirlwind of publicity. This story has featured in pretty much all major media/news outlets – with none of them actually bothering to verify the (non-existent) leak. Thank the lord for shoddy journalism. Have you considered a career in PR? Anyway, you’re a service to the show, and you have my thanks as a fan.

    • avatar RetortForm says:

      “But in all honesty I understand the gravity of the big reveal and the shock value it conveyed on me once I understood what the possible repurcussions were, and to deny that shock value to others by posting spoilers is a serious disservice to fans and the show alike.”

      Never mind that you went to GallifreyBase and told everyone the big reveal at the end.

  5. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    I had a good search earlier too but couldn’t find anything and yes, I did get rickrolled!

  6. avatar TonyS says:

    I think I made a similar point in another thread.

  7. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Moffat has given incentive that if fans who got the set early don’t spoil the finale, there will be a specially filmed scene with Matt and David as the prize for good behavior.

  8. avatar Bobby Haig says:

    The ratings are constant with seasons 1-6, so that idea is bullshit for a start.

    • I think you mean “consistent”.

      I’ve no doubt that the delayed viewings will top the score up to the usual levels, but please consider the data available realistically before replying in such a manner.

      Oh, and mind your language please :)

      (Note: I’ve edited this post as it was pointed out that I’d misread the overnight audience figure.)

  9. avatar Iltu says:

    I for my part just want to say, thank you for not spoiling the finale (it IS only 4 days anyway ;))

  10. avatar Spacephantom says:

    I’m getting very excited about the finale now. I’ve been a DW viewer for all of it’s (almost) 50 years, and I think there are very few, if any, other TV shows that can engender this kind of excitment and sense of anticipation in an old codger like me ;-). This business with the leak has certainly added to that, but really it’s a testament to the power of Doctor Who. I too, however, would like to thank untempered_schism (and anyone else with a copy) very much for not spoiling it. Can’t wait for Saturday evening :-)

  11. avatar gavinio says:

    Not even thought about looking online for it but that’s partly because I don’t have any anticipation about the finale at all – for the first time since the show’s return. I wonder if the split season is affecting the way the series is enjoyed by many? It doesn’t appear to have the chance to build the momentum like it used to over the course of 13 weeks.

    • avatar Dan Hallett says:

      Gavinio. I’m still looking forward to it but I 100% agree the split series is very damaging in many ways.

  12. I think that KBO will undoubtedly become a classic Doctor Who line in years to wife and I use this term daily.

  13. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    Its like anything to do with Doctor Who, if you want to find out spoilers you can, if not dont QED.

  14. A couple of new posters have attempted to post spoilers concerning The Name of the Doctor. Note that I will close comments across Kasterborous until Saturday night if this continues.

  15. avatar lozzer says:

    It crossed my mind that this might be a load of old hype, but then why would they do that – I don’t think we’re looking at moon landing conspiracies here, and I’m kind of enjoying the internet calm before the storm. Well done everyone by the way – I’m impressed with the lack of spoilers – if you want to know you’d really have to look (maybe not too hard – but you would have too make some effort).

  16. Obviously, the people who have received the DVD early are American Whovians.
    Why do you think they would put it out there? Do so many of you truly believe all of us Americans are scumbags??

  17. avatar matt says:

    my reaction? scouring the net for a torrent so i can see it before someone spoils it for me.

    then again, i’ve been watching this whole season via bit torrent, because the current episodes aren’t on netflix and i don’t have cable. i do tend to get the dvds when they come out, because they often look nicer than dodgy torrents.

    that and broadcast schedules are arbitrary. if it’s already filmed and edited, why not watch it if you get your hands on it?

  18. avatar Steve C says:

    Well I’m a sceptic, however should you wish to shut everyone up all you need to do is post to your blog a screen shot of the ‘Sixth Doctor in the background pic’ of Clara, that has been released by the BBC, but a few frames on, this would prove beyond a doubt your credibility.

    You won’t do that will you?

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