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Published on May 1st, 2013 | by Andrew Reynolds

Stay in a Doctor Who Themed Room for Charity

Scout Master Tom Nichols has made Doctor Who fans an offer they can’t refuse – the chance to stay overnight in his room, a dedicated, merchandise filled shrine to the show in aid of the Scout Association.

RTD Daleks

Tom hopes fans of the show will pay £50 for the 50th anniversary for an overnight stay in his double room within a three-bed houseshare in Reading, Berkshire, through the social accommodation website

His collection includes replica costumes, TARDIS keys and a full-size Dalek that featured in the Asylum of the Daleks episode.

Outside the terraced property is a 10ft-tall TARDIS which Tom and a friend bought in 2010, and he hopes by inviting people to stay in his Doctor Who-inspired room, fans will come from far and wide.

Tom first became a fan after his Dad introduced him to the original series as a child:

When they brought the show back to TV screens in 2005, it rekindled my passion for Doctor Who and it has been a really big part of my life.

I imagine my offer will attract a lot of Doctor Who fans who will come forward as it’s the 50th anniversary. It’s something that could appeal to anyone, young or old.

(via The Belfast Telegraph)


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