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Published on May 5th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Nightmare in Silver Trailers

Is this the one you’ve been waiting? Nightmare in Silver features the return of the Cybermen – hopefully as a genuine threat – and is written by Neil Gaiman whose 2011 episode The Doctor’s Wife was so embraced by Doctor Who fans.

The first trailer is the “Next Time” feature that aired at the end of last night’s The Crimson Horror on BBC One.

Accompanying this, we have the quite similar BBC America promo:

Nightmare in Silver airs on Saturday, May 11th and is scheduled for the oh-so-nostalgic time of 7.00pm on BBC One and BBC HD, and the standard, set-in-stone slot of 8 ET on BBC America.



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18 Responses to Nightmare in Silver Trailers

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Definitely the one I’ve been looking forward to the most. I absolutely loved “The Doctor’s Wife” and I believe if anyone can revitalize the Cybermen, its Neil Gaiman.

    I’m also hoping Big Finish will do a Cybermen sale to commemorate the episode, just like they did with the Ice Warrior sale for “Cold War”. ;)

  2. Hm. Neil Gaiman did a great job last season, but I’m not really thrilled about the borgatized cybermen and a locutus doctor. Maybe it’s just the trailer, let’s wait and see.

  3. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    I have one fear about this: I don’t have much confidence in the stage school kids coming along for the ride which is a frankly bizarre decision. …

    Still the Cyb redesign is a step in a right direction from the Godawful flared clunkers we’ve endured with their Mr. Bean voices….

  4. avatar TonyS says:

    We are sure the cute little kiddies will make it out alive, are we?

  5. avatar TonyS says:

    I wonder whether the Sixth Doctor reference is those two kids on kirby wires. As Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford were for the publicity photos when she was cast as Mel

  6. avatar vortexter says:

    Looks good so far. I can still here those awful ‘stomping’ noises and hydraulic hisses though. Please let the Cybermen be silent and sinister. I like to think there will be a few casulaties along the way. Maybe the kids will be the raw material for the Cybermats. Clara will need a new job then! (Shame on Clara letting Artie and whassisname blackmail her into going in the TARDIS! In my day if I’d have tried that on it would have been a clip round the ear and early to bed.) Serves the little darlings right…

  7. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’d say it’s a questionable decision for the doctor to bring those two new, annoying little Adrics along but then again, his judgement is questionable at the best of times. He was *this* close to taking the preteen Pond with him in Eleventh Hour, after all. Those two kids must have been brought in just for us to have someone to hate, right? Because I hate them, with little or no reason. Not even sure why.

    The Cybermen haven’t been the least bit cool since the “Tomb of the Cybermen” so hopefully, this will be a step in the right direction. Gaiman agrees with me that the Tenth Plant versions were the creepiest and coolest but I’ll bet that version got squished in a rewrite.

  8. The kids finding all those pics of Clara and the Doctor and guessing she might be a time traveller and cramming that info into the final thirty seconds of the episode was crass to say the least.

    The only plausible explanation for this is that the youngsters are being guided or controlled by the Great Intelligence and have come across these pictures because they were fed this info.

    There is no way they would have been able to piece together all these photo’s through research alone.

    And their excitement at Clara being a time traveller instead of incredulity was another unbelievable reaction.

    If they are not killed off or at least revealed to be puppets of the Great Intelligence then I await some other decent plot explanation for the presence of the stage school kids.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      Could have been Linda. And now i’ve just remembered that godawful episode. Damn.

  9. avatar Le_Noise says:

    Partrick Mulkern writing in the new Radio Times, previews it spoiler-free. He wrote that it is a ”procession of duff notes that, frankly, leaves the cast floundering. And guest star Tamzin Outhwaite is utterly wasted.” Can’t wait. (hope he is wrong)

    • You got a link for that, don’t seem to be able to turn it up on the RT website…

      • avatar Le_Noise says:–nightmare-in-silver

        Sorry for the delay in posting the link.

        • Having seen the preview last night, I don’t entirely disagree, but I think the problem is with some of the direction rather than the story. There are stand-out moments in this, and it’s quite unlike anything DW has done before…

          • avatar Le_Noise says:

            Well it should be interesting at the very least. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Neil Gaiman is a class act, so I’d be surprised if it’s a clunker, even if there are direction problems.

          • Personally I loved it. Lie The Crimson Horror, it’s quite unlike anything else this series.

  10. avatar Howard Railton says:

    Despite Brigg’s interview, doesn’t look promising that these Cybermen will be ‘our’ universe ones. They obviously come from those parallel, Cybus Industries clunkers that, in the clips, certainly still look embarrassing. Why bring them into it at all? Over the past few years under Moffat the Cybus-men have been woefully badly written and often only used as a cameo to quickly be killed off.

    Also, given that the kids are loathsome blackmailers, all in all, there isn’t much to look forward to this ep and yet we continue to live in hope. I’m keeping everything crossed that at least Gaiman will make a connection to the original Cybermen, the Telos ones preferably, so that the original authors and creators of the Cybermen, Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, can have the far more mysterious and interesting mythology restored to their creations that was robbed from them by Russel T. Davies.

  11. avatar vortexter says:

    The Cybermen in AGMGTW were supposed to be our Cybermen but I never saw the connection really. Why would they look the same and sound identical to parallel earth Cybusmen? But I have a good feeling about these silver beasties. Gaiman would know a little about their origins and draw on them. They are supposed to have died out at one stage and become a curiosity after the Cyberwars and skulking around the universe in raiding parties. This sounds like the furthest a cyber-story has been set in timewise. Hopefully, they will sound like the Cylons/Moonbase versions. There is supposed to be a cyber something in it as well. I’m hoping for a cyber-planner or co-ordinator. A nice floating brain in a jar with glowing valves and an attitude problem!.

    • The cyber-somethings are probably dopplegangers… you can see there are two (one of the Doctor, and one of the showman of the universe…) that are supposedly saving the Cybermen from the real Doctor. Look at the photos the BBC released today…. two Doctors…

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