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Published on May 13th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat: ‘Don’t believe everything you hear’

Caught on the red carpet at BAFTA on Sunday evening, here’s Steven Moffat discussing Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary…

Moffat was among a multitude of guests (including Jenna Coleman) and would have been extremely pleased to see the celebratory compilation of clips to commemorate Doctor Who‘s birthday.

Oh and if you have any theories about Clara or The Name of the Doctor and have uploaded them to YouTube, Mr Moffat has been laughing at you…


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

14 Responses to Moffat: ‘Don’t believe everything you hear’

  1. avatar Gary says:

    Mr Moffat always laughs at the fans: follow him on twitter and you will see this is nothing new. He also laughs at Karen Gillan; apparently he finds some fans terribly amusing and entertaining. I think many fans are glad we can entertain each other.

  2. Didn’t he quit twitter a while ago because of death threats, or something? I thought all the remaining Moffat accounts are fakes?!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Yes he did. So it is not possible to follow him on Twitter!

      • avatar Al says:

        He did not quit because of death threats! Sheesh, that’s exactly the sort of thing he’s laughing at. He quit because he literally had better things to do (as stated by him in DWM). I think Twitter is rubbish too, personally.

        • avatar TonyS says:

          Sorry I meant that he quit. Not the reason. I agree about twitter and I have quit too

  3. avatar lozzer says:

    Is he insinuating that we’ve all jumped the gun a little and are assumed things that are not entirely correct… maybe we will see the 8th Doctor after all – Either that or I’m reading too much into Steven Moffat’s comments. Oh dear, he’s getting my hopes up again…

  4. avatar STLShawn says:

    Google Glass:
    When people first began hearing of it, rumors of virtual reality, augmented reality, full video, mind control and the ability to hypmotize your friends abound. Now that dev editions are out, people are going “oh, it’s a Bluetooth camera, a bit of track pad, and very low res second display device”.

    Thing is, you always get that in the tech world in relation to rumors (see Iphone 5, Android Jellybean, Windows 8). If something is announced way too early, expectations become impossible to live up to.

    There is no way that the anniversary can possibly live up to what is in my mind. I am wanting something so amazing, so fantastic, so incredible that it changes peoples lives forever. What I am going to get is probably a wonderful, but rushed to fit in a time slot and budget, episode. I am not sure what they can do to make it really amazing to me.

    What we get with NuWho is amazing television, the best modern fairy tales that are being told. When such great entertainment is being made, how can it possibly be better.

    Even if it is an amazing event, some will not be happy. I liked the “darker” episodes of this half season (especially “Hide”). If the anniversary is a dark, moody, and frightening, I’ll be happy. If it is packed with excitement, others will like it more. If it’s a fun romp with a lot of silliness, others will like that more.

    Part of what makes this show so incredible is it’s ability to go anywhere and create a fairy tale. This variety is wonderful, but the fine tuning is where the audience sways.

    • avatar Steve Andrew says:

      Well said.

      Fan expectations are funny things and everyone has their own different set of them. Although BBC marketing is partly responsible for teasing the show and planting seeds in people’s minds – as fans, I think we have to recognise how responsible we are for our own collective hysteria.

      I gave up on over-speculating ages ago – not because I was frequently wrong (and I have been many times), but because I was afraid I’d start to get wedded to my own pet theories and then get angry if I’m wrong. Which seems to be happening a lot online at the moment…

      I think that’s what Moffat is laughing at – not at fans getting angry at what he’s actually done, but at what they THINK he MIGHT do. It’s like quantum rage. “I have this theory that Moffat is going to reveal that Clara is the Rani or the Doctor’s real name is Dickie McTardis. I have no evidence for this but my rage burns anyway! Grrrrr! The arrogance of the man!” How is anyone supposed to react to that other than sighing, having a chuckle and get back to work?

  5. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    “Oh and if you have any theories about Clara or The Name of the Doctor and have uploaded them to YouTube, Mr Moffat has been laughing at you…”

    Precisely why I don’t bother speculating on any of his stories any more, the thought of him smugly laughing at fans whilst knocking out some unintelligible nonsense that he thinks is oh so terribly clever and usually ends up being a crock of lame tosh.
    It’s no wonder people are switching over or off in droves.

    • avatar Steve Andrew says:

      Smugly laughing? I think it’s more the case that he has to put up with it somehow. You either find a way to put up with the insults being thrown at you or you buckle. He’s a stonger personality than I am – I’d have topped myself if I’d had the amount of online abuse he has.

      It may be “unintelligible nonsense”, but it’s unintelligible nonsense that millions of people are still watching and enjoying. Some watch for the quality of scripts, some watch because they’re invested in the characters, some just watch for the spectacle, some just watch because it’s either that or some other pointless talent show.

      And seeing as the audience percentage share is as good as ever, then the people “switching off in droves” are probably the same people switching off in droves on every other channel on a Saturday evening.

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      Once again, as final figures have been proving on a consistent basis, people ARE NOT switching over or off in droves. That’s exactly the kind of ignorant, mental piffle that Moffat is laughing at. The real wonder is why these folks who obviously don’t care at all for Doctor Who anymore aren’t switching over, off, or better yet, out.

  6. avatar Al says:

    Just to be clear, he’s not laughing at the idea of fans playing guessing games – heck, he encouraged this throughout season 6 – but rather those folks who are so convinced they are right, or feel such a huge sense of entitlement, that they fly off the handle. And he is right – they are entertaining. Never mind that every episode this season has had an anniversary feel (Name of the Doctor looks like it will continue this).

  7. Moffat does exactly one thing with his attitude: He keeps his secrets as secret as humanly possible. With RTD we knew in advance of Davros and the Master. Heck we saw that “Mr. Saxon” thing coming from a hundred miles away. Moffat doesn’t throw out spoilers easily and that’s precisly what he ought to do.

  8. avatar Geoff says:

    Steve Andrew: I think we should petition Mr Moffatt to actually reveal the Doctors name as Dickie McTardis. I love that. In fact I think we should all start calling the Doctor that from now on.

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